Myanmar blames fake stories, misleading pictures about Rakhine state


3 1月 2017, 7:48 早上

Updated 4 years ago


The Myanmar government has heavily blamed some fabricated stories and incorrectly captioned pictures for creating misunderstanding about Myanmar's Rakhine state to the rest of the world, China's Xinhua news agency reported.

The official Global New Light of Myanmar said today that the fake news posted on social media of events purporting to have occurred in Myanmar but actually happening in other places began to circulate in earnest after the Oct 9 armed attacks in Maungtaw, northern Rakhine state, bringing about criticism and condemnation on Myanmar by some countries and rights groups across the world.

According to Xinhua the Information Committee of the State Counselor's Office also said "Such intentionally fabricated news and photos were sent to international media, international human rights organisations and governments in an attempt to cause misunderstanding about Myanmar."

- Bernama