Ramesh, if you still owe money, then you are a bankrupt


8 2月 2016, 12:24 凌晨

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YOURSAY ‘He claims to have resolved his bankruptcy, but was he discharged?’

Ramesh Rao to sue Sarawak Report over 'bankrupt' label

Victor Johan: Ramesh Rao, you had previously in July 2015 admitted to being a bankrupt, and now you have travelled to a foreign land and claimed that your bankruptcy problem has been "resolved".

To be deemed an authentic complainant from wherever you are now, kindly provide those 'resolution' details and your clearance to be able to travel overseas, and pay for your flights and accommodation while there. Can you do this? When? You want us - the concerned Malaysian citizens - and the world to believe you, right?

When a declared bankrupt sues another party and loses - and then being unable to compensate the other party because of a lack of money - what then? Does he have to be declared a bankrupt, for the second time? Can a declared bankrupt even sue in the first place?

Do you know this, oh BN cybertrooper-cum-bankrupt Ramesh Rao?

Aries46: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had also threatened to sue Sarawak Report before, and you as well now. But sue for what?

Your master has yet to disprove the various Sarawak Report / The Wall Street Journal / New York Times exposes. And, aren't you a bankrupt yourself?

I'm not sure if you are a Najib cybertrooper, but you sure do sound like some of those making comments in Malaysiakini and elsewhere - full of nonsense. Sarawak Report may have sarcastically categorised you a cybertrooper for your classic London antics.

By the way, many here are wondering how you managed to get to London? Who sponsored you, and wasn’t your passport impounded when you were declared a bankrupt?

You claim to have resolved your bankruptcy, but were you discharged?

Anyway, it is good that at least you get to learn not to be confused between the law enforcement in Bolehland and London.

At home, clowns and lackeys are given the red carpet treatment by the powers-that-be; but outside of Bolehland, they get clobbered and disgraced as the nuisance that they are, and subsequently given the runaround deserving of their stupidity.

Anonymous_4056: The UK police are full of wisdom by asking Ramesh Rao to hand his materials to the Malaysian High Commission for onward relay to inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar - who is extremely keen to pursue Najib's critics.

Come back to Malaysia, Ramesh Rao. You would be easily made a ‘Datuk Seri’ - even though you may be a bankrupt. Anything is possible in Bolehland.

Sans Prejudice: With an outstanding debt of RM15,000 still unpaid, I am puzzled how he is able to self-finance his jaunt to London. Is some Saudi royalty splurging on his airfare, food and lodgings?

Someone in his right mind would have settled all his debts and be solvent, rather than meekly telling the world that "I only owe RM15,000 more."

The UK police is right in shooing him off as a matter of protocol. Maybe over here, he could have sauntered into some police station in Ulu Kelantan (UK) and he would be entertained with deference then - since he is on a patriotic mission to defend the PM.

Sound Mind: What new information are you talking about? You should be sued for a bankrupt brain and issuing stupid statements. You are a disgrace. Can't settle RM15,000, but you can travel to UK? Who sponsored you?

Did you travel by hiding in the luggage compartment, or by sitting on the wings?

Mohican: Ramesh Rao, as long as you owe another RM15,000, you are deemed to be a bankrupt still. Get that into your thick head.

Who gave you the advice that you are no longer a bankrupt after having paid a large portion of your debt, yet still owing some more? Perhaps, attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali had advised you on this.

Mushiro: Like so many Umno leaders, Ramesh Rao knows that the quickest way to big money is to blindly support Najib. This way, he will also be protected by the government authorities against his own problems.

Anonymous_1373257830: He is definitely not bankrupt, otherwise how would he be able to travel? He must've saved the money for this trip in order to save the country.

Why don’t we give him some credit?

Frankie: From being bankrupt, then having it resolved in a blink of an eye - he's definitely a better magician than AG Apandi.

In Malaysia, if you're able to punch the correct buttons, magic really does happen.

KSD: Ramesh Rao should have used the money he spent on the UK visit to settle what he owes to his debtors. They have a moral right to be repaid before he goes on frivolous frolics.

Bornean: But Ramesh Rao, do you have the money to pay for all the legal fees and costs?

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