Japan may stop funding Unesco after Nanjing massacre files listed


13 Okt 2015, 1:25 pagi

Updated 5 years ago


Japan will consider stopping financial contributions to Unesco or reducing the amount it pays after the United Nations decided to add Chinese records on the Nanjing massacre of 1937 to its Memory of the World programme, a media report said.

Chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga made the remarks on a BS Fuji TV programme late yesterday.

The decision prompted Japan to lodge a protest with Unesco with the Japanese Foreign Ministry saying in a statement issued in Toky last Saturday that "the nomination was made on the basis of unilateral arguments" and that "it is extremely regrettable" that they were registered.

The Chinese documents include court records from the International Military Tribunal for the Far East that convicted several Japanese as war criminals. Photos of the killings said to have been taken by the Imperial Japanese Army and film footage taken by a US missionary are also included.

Also called the Rape of Nanking, the Imperial Japanese Army killed about 200,000 Chinese and raped tens of thousands of women, the court found.

- dpa