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Goodbye to towering Malaysian Ani Arope

YOURSAY ‘Ani Arope sticks out like a beacon of courage, dignity and integrity.’

Former TNB chief Ani Arope dies


Multi Racial: Unfortunately not many like him. Most of them sold their souls to keep their jobs. Former chief of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Ani Arope is the exception. May his soul be blessed.


Axolotl: In a world where the honest get demoted while deceitful ones are promoted,  Ani Arope sticks out like a beacon of courage, dignity and integrity. This man put to shame and exposed the moral depravity of people like former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former finance minister Daim Zainuddin and their Umno Baru ilk.


May a million Ani Aropes arise to redeem this beloved land from the Devil Worshippers who have hijacked it!


Rubystar_4037: My deepest condolence to the family of Ani Anope. He was a towering Malay who stood his ground against the prime minister when TNB was forced to sign a raw deal to enrich Dr M's cronies. Most Malaysians are proud of you and your family's legacy will live on. Your children and grandchildren will be very well regarded in Malaysia to have you as their father and grandfather.


Versey: Rest in peace (RIP),  Ani Arope. A principled eminent Malay who had honoured the Almighty God of his faith in his journey of life and deserved much respect from the nation. Deepest condolences to the family and may the Almighty God comfort you in this time of sadness that your beloved's soul is resting in His care.


Vijay47: In an age when feathering one's nest and complete subservience to political scoundrels was the order of the day,  Ani Arope broke the mould and stood by his principles come what may. How sad that towering giants of such honour are such a rarity. My salute and final respect to you, Sir, and my condolences to your family.


Mushiro: Al fatihah. And may he be placed among the pious.


Yes, I remember Ani Arope as the man who stood against the greed and might of Mahathir in the independent power producers' (IPP) lopsided deals. For this towering Malaysian, the IPP deals were not right, and as CEO of TNB he voiced out for TNB and for Malaysians. And the consequence ‑ he was humiliated by Mahathir and he lost out on many perks and future opportunities.


That was the price he paid and was most willing to take for the greed of another human being. But he led a decent and peaceful life, did not brood and fought in his own ways for an honest, fair and better Malaysia.

My doa that Allah forgives his sins and reward him for his good deeds and honest work. Condolences to his family.


Pemerhati: Ani Arope was truly a towering and brave Malaysian who stood up against the greedy dictator’s crooked deal with the IPPs. If he had succeeded, all Malaysians would now be paying very much lower electricity rates.


But the dictator was too powerful and got rid of him. He struck a lopsided deal with the IPPs and stole from all Malaysians whenever they switched on the electricity. As a result of this and other thefts the dictator and his family have allegedly become multi billionaires.


FellowMalaysian: Ani Arope is a man who lived by his principles and is best remembered as the chairperson of TNB who quit his post after disagreeing with Dr Mahathir's order. May his offspring be as sanguine as in their lives. Al fatihah to a great man. Rest in peace.


Rupert16: The passing away of a true Malaysian for whom I have a lot of respect and a role model for us all. If only those in power had his aptitude and attitude and share his concern as to where the country is heading, Malaysia will be head and shoulders above other countries in the region, if not the world, instead of languishing in our current state.


Bamboo: One of the rare person in Malaysia who stood his ground on principle. The last bastion against high electricity tariffs is gone. May he rest in peace.


CQ Muar: A truly righteous Malaysian. How many Malays can emulate such a person? He did Malaysia proud setting a fine example; a man who dared... stood by his principles without fear. A fine son and a loss to the nation. RIP, sir.


Dean Johns: Here's wishing more power to honest, upstanding Malaysians like Ani Arope... and sincere condolences to his family and friends. DJ.


Abasir: The passing of a loyal Malaysian who placed the nation's interests above personal gain and political correctness. Truly a national loss, given that there are so few of his calibre and moral rigour around to help save the nation from the parasites and the leeches. Al fatihah, my friend.


Don't Crucify My Freedom: Anyone who disassociated with the greatest wrecker and a traitor to the nation, deprived political parasites to enjoy the pie, deserved the fullest respect. May your soul rest in peace, a true Malaysian. Take heart, soon your great 'friend' will be paying you a courtesy call.


Wsoi: I don't really know him but respect him more than Dr Mahathir for he really acted for the benefit of the rakyat. Dr Mahathir taxed us heavily for 30years allowing the IPPs to be set up. Every month when I receive my TNB bill I curse a certain ex‑PM. Until today Dr Mahathir has never apologised for his mistakes.


SteveOh: Our condolences to Ani Anope's family. These days medical science can easily detect prostate cancer (PC) that kills more men than women from breast cancer. Three thousand men die from PC in Australia every year.


PC can be cured if detected early. Many men die with PC than from it but only if the cancer has a low Gleason score and is not aggressive. Every man over 40 should start being aware of prostate health and should start talking to their family general practitioner (GP).


Men tend to neglect certain important health checks that could detect those killer sicknesses that can be nipped in the bud.


Anonymous #90800716: The measure of a man is how did he live, not how did he die. You are a great man. Peace be with you, sir. Condolences to your family.


Angry Citizen: Rest in peace, Ani Arope, as you have fought the good fight. A most worthy #26 addition to the Eminent 25 you would have made; need one say more.

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