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Najib’s legal action aims to silence Malaysiakini

YOURSAY ‘They are going after the web portal, not so much its commenters.’


Najib threatens to sue Mkini over comments


Odin: Whether the comments of a few Malaysiakini readers which were published on May 14 were made with ill-intention to damage the reputation and image of PM Najib Razak and Umno and were also intended to lower their honour and credibility as the backbone of the BN government is open to debate, and that is to say, it can be argued in a court of law.


The allegation of the manner in which they were made and the outcomes intended are all merely a supposition.


But before they have acted too hastily, they ought to have asked themselves whether they have any good reputation, image, honour and credibility worth defending, at all.


They ought to have asked themselves whether a government that was supposed to work for the people and to promote unity and harmony, but at the same time used public funds to support a group that sowed hatred towards certain sections of the populace was one that had any honour and credibility.


They ought to have asked themselves whether the head of such a government had any good reputation and image, when, to quote just one example, he had been totally silent while these extremists made insulting, incendiary, inflammatory remarks about or directed at people of certain ethnic groups and followers of certain religions other than theirs.


Ferdtan: Like Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan said that he had expected such action after Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia attacked Malaysiakini readers last month, I guess this is the main reason - to close Malaysiakini .


They were smart to use the selected and moderated ‘Yoursay’ articles (input by the host - so indirectly responsible) to cite for the legal suit as it is the web portal they were interested in.


They were not interested in the many unedited ones containing views which are much stronger. On top of it, the comments section has the host’s disclaimer clause of liability so Malaysiakini , the main target, cannot be successfully sued.


Ranjit Singh: Malaysiakini is used as a platform by those irresponsible commentators to publish mala fide comments with the intention to defame the PM’s noble intention to resolve the Terengganu political crisis, and they should be stopped at all cost.


Anonymous_1396163122: Najib, please do not forget that you are a public figure. Your actions, and rampant inactions, of late affect the public at large.


Therefore, being a leader you will certainly attract fair and sometimes unfair comments and you do not go round prosecuting them but rather reply or response to those comments.


If you don’t like it, please step down as prime minister. It is simple as that. We are not living in a communist state but a free democracy.


TC Chan: If we insist on our right to comment, even if it is defamatory, then we must expect to be sued. That is the right of the person defamed.


As someone said, your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins. As for Malaysiakini , this must be an occupational hazard.


Kim Quek: I have just read through the two articles , which are collections of readers’ comments, and can find nothing libelous against PM Najib. This is because the comments stated are factual and true, and there is nothing specific which is false that Najib or Umno can pick up to substantiate his case in a court of law.


In fact, these are general criticism accepted as norm in a democratic country, particularly when that country happens to be as scandal-ridden and as corrupt as Malaysia. 


Steven Gan is right, the correct thing for Najib to do is to engage the critical readers with counter arguments, and not to threaten with law suits, which would only result in more dirty linen being shown for the whole world to see. 


I am quite sure the millions of Malaysiakini readers would be more than capable and willing to financially and morally support the portal all the way to the highest court in case of litigation.


Dr Suresh Kumar: Granted Malaysiakini's comment section invites some commenters who do not stick to the subject matter and would not hesitate to throw insults, profanity, curses, swear words, expletives, the list goes on, whenever they disagreed with other commenters.


These are the irresponsible, uncivilised idiots who sully their own reputation and that of Malaysiakini .


This said, Najib should understand that the views expressed in that two 'Yoursay' articles are the general perception of most Malaysians.


The onus is on the PM and BN to alter that perception by deeds and by engaging the people rather than silence individuals with legal actions.


GodBless: That is so strange, the PM is so free to monitor our comments. Some of us have been anti-government all along, if he want to sue, then sue us all. Why pick on Malaysiakini ?


Even his Facebook page is filled with seditious comments, why didn't he sue everybody?


Corgito Ergo Sum: For many, who are ordinary nobodies, Malaysiakini , provides an avenue to tell you, Mr PM, how they feel about you and your administration.


While they may not be a majority, but they are a barometer for the vast middle class that is being affected by your social and economic policies. They may disagree with you and may not like your policies, but they are genuinely providing you with their gut feedback.

Many forgo paying the price of daily newspapers because of the drivel and covert and overt propaganda, which they don't buy. Instead, they pay a miserable RM20 a month to get their views aired and noted.


Such views will never see the light of day in the MSM (mainstream media) and neither will you see them. And you would be ignorant of this sorry lot.


So, please, keep all this mind when you file your law suit. You will be shutting out your only source of (mostly) genuine feedback of the average Joe.


MA: Dear PM, you have to prove to the citizens of Malaysia that you are really all for 1Malaysia. There are hundreds of incidents where we eagerly waited for you to calm or diffuse them but heard nothing.


Now when you read your citizens taking slant views, you want to take legal action? We need to vent our frustrations and our only channel is Malaysiakini .


Dialogue with the common people and you would be surprised what a disgruntled lot we are.


Stig: Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan has just called Malaysiakini readers irrational and mad.

Can we sue him for defamation?

For PM, era of rakyat know best is over

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