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More than half of Malaysians have rejected BN
Published:  May 6, 2013 1:44 PM
Updated: May 7, 2013 3:01 AM

YOURSAY 'The urban-rural divide is clear. Pakatan won votes from all races and religions in the urban areas while BN retained their rural base.'

BN retains Putrajaya, Pakatan gains seven seats

your say Anonymous #19098644: The elections is over, however flawed. It is time Malaysians put aside their differences and work on building the country. The politicking must stop and the focus should be on bringing this country together.

The mistakes, excesses and extremism of Perkasa was rejected and must end. Abuse of religion and issues like ‘Allah' should be depoliticised. This is a government elected with a minority vote of 49 percent versus 50 percent for the opposition.

It is interesting to note that out of 505 state seats, Pakatan won 230 or 46 percent. In the peninsula, Pakatan won more seats than BN, thus once again Sabah and Sarawak were decisive in keeping the ruling coalition in power.

The gerrymandering, this too must be rectified and the principle of ‘one man one vote' restored. The people of Penang have decisively rejected money politics. Similarly, the people of Kedah have rejected an incompetent, bumbling MB and his party.

The issue of foreigners voting, suspect electoral rolls must be dealt with. The BN has the greatest challenge and opportunity to bring real change. By 2018, the country will be even younger, more urbanised and more demanding.

The urban-rural divide was clear. Pakatan won votes from all races and religions in the urban areas while BN retained their rural base. It is an election result between urban and rural, West Malaysia versus East Malaysia, between the better educated, better informed versus the lesser educated and lesser informed.

It is the story of two societies in one country - one represented by BN, the other represented by Pakatan. As a Malaysian, it is time we once again become one society, one nation and one people.

I and many of us have made our choices even though the result has been heart breaking. Let's us move on.

Hplooi: The focus will be now on Prime Minister Najib Razak. Will he suffer the same fate as his predecessor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?

Hermit: Najib fares worst than Abdullah, losing seven more parliamentarian seats to Pakatan inspite of spending more than RM50 billion to boast his image. Either Najib relinquishes the premiership or he will be dumped in the coming Umno assembly.

Clearwater: If Pakatan has indeed captured more than 50 percent of the popular vote, we have an unpopular BN regime taking power.

The key question now is, what will Najib and cohorts do? The urbanites have rejected his 1Malaysia. Is he going to be magnanimous and attempt to reconcile all Malaysians, or will he bow to the Umno hardliners?

Disgusted: It is indeed a sad day for Malaysia. Racial harmony seems to be a distant reality with the apartheid type of system practiced by Umno which seems to be the dominant party controlling West Malaysia.

Corruption continues unabated with Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud seemingly being untouchable. All BN ministers and ex=ministers currently being charged or in MACC's investigation will get off scot-free with the rakyat being squeezed to replace the money spent from the government's coffers to bribe citizens for votes.

BN will go on a witch-hunt of all Pakatan supporters and the police will be given a free hand to deal with the rakyat as they deem fit. Forget about IPCMC or independent judiciary and civil service. Be prepared for another five years of tribulations.

It looks like Malaysians lacked the maturity and wisdom to reject corruption and abuse of power, which will safeguard the future of our children and that of our nation's.

Bamboo: Those who voted for preservation of racial special position and BN's sweet promise of BR1M will forever toil and sweat to put money into Umnoputras' and their cronies' pocket.

Indeed, the BR1M money won't cover GST (goods and services tax), hike in electricity bill, toll, petrol and food price.

Cyber Warrior: British economic historian Arnold Toynbee once predicted that Malaysia with its racial mix and race-based politics could not possibly work out.

Fifty-five years on, we are still around and many of us do not buy into racism. Perhaps it is because we keep having to fight together that we become even closer.

Maybe we have not done enough. It's time for soul searching, to improve and become even more united as one nation of many races and religions living in harmony and loving one another.

Anonymous #20513663: Constituencies where extra ballots were brought in or where lights were switched off must be reported and investigated, if any. Pakatan was not prepared for this, though it had been done before.

Rakyat Malaysia: To us, Pakatan should have won Putrajaya if not for the last-minute dirty tricks by the Election Commission (EC). The EC has stolen our democratic rights again.

Ar-ma-ged-don: Bravo DAP, PKR and PAS. My humble advice:

The road to evil and dark is wide opened, but the journey to good and just is narrow and difficult. Please turn all our sadness and sorrows into hope and strength. True justice will prevail.

Abasir: Selangor remains stronger than ever despite Najib personally leading the charge with his millions and mat rempit minions; Lembah Pantai fully secured despite the savage attack by the obnoxiously leering and arrogant unelected Cayman Islands 'minister'; Rafizi Ramli who won Pandan is on his way to Parliament to keep the searchlight of exposure bright; Penang is an immovable fortress which no galloping Korean can scale; the decisive slaying of Mahathir Mohamad's racist proxies Zulkifli Perkasa and Ibrahim Perkasa; Lim Kit Siang's mammoth victory in Gelang Patah; the unceremonious expulsion of Ali 'Malay First' Rustam ... there is really much to rejoice.

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