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YOURSAY 'I am one of your many loyal paying subscribers and am very proud indeed of your offer to the rest of Malaysians free access to Malaysiakini .'

Malaysiakini goes free from tomorrow for GE13!

your say LittleGiant: Going free for the duration of the GE13 campaign is a good move by Malaysiakini.

Since the mainstream media in the country has no 'voice' and can only speak for the ruling BN coalition (it has no other choice, anyway), it is the online media like Malaysiakini that Malaysians can rely on to receive more accurate and well-balanced news and reports about GE13.

I wish Malaysiakini all the best in its untiring efforts to provide Malaysians with the real and truthful news about the elections so that the voters can make the correct decision. (By the way, please do not worry about compensating me for the subscription paid).

Tholu: This is a magnanimous gesture from an online news portal that survives on subscription. It is a huge financial sacrifice but an equally huge and momentous move in what can be called 'Mover of People's Power.'

LR6SO4BK3: I am on a three-year subscription. That is more than a thousand days of fresh, exciting and impartial news.

I do not mind if you don't ‘credit' my account for the days that you go free. That is how much I appreciate Malaysiakini . May you soar to greater levels of excellence.

Anonymous6618: I fully support Malaysiakini. I am a subscriber, and I have no complaints with the free access given to others.

Bender: This is definitely not good news for paying customers like myself, but indeed a noble gesture on behalf of Malaysiakini .

If this move means helping the country get rid of Umno-BN, then I'm all for it and consider this a small price to pay. Thank you Malaysiakini (if only Malaysiakini can provide free WiFi access to rural folks too...).

Patriot: This is great news although I'm a subscriber. The subscription period will be extended for the days the website is available free (so Bender, no worries mate).

So the stage is set and all systems are go. And of course, please be alerted with potential hackers. I'm sure they are already working overtime to shut Malaysiakini down.

Otak-otak: Bravo! This is certainly a good deed. Of course, I don't mind at all even though I have just started subscribing not long ago.

Malaysians need free access to all information badly, especially when BN is controlling the mainstream media in a restrictive way.

Black Mamba: Excellent, Malaysiakini . Thanks to CEO Premesh Chandran and editor-in-chief Steven Gan.

Everyone is chipping in whatever way they knew how to bring about regime change. From the six Malaysians hauled up by the Singapore police to party workers who put up flags and booths to overseas voters who write in to contribute in a small way, it has been great to get the message across to everyone.

In the olden days in China, they disseminate messages hidden in mooncakes in the bid to overthrow a bad regime, but now smart phones messages can sent to everyone within seconds via WhatApps and the likes.

Technology brought regime change in the Middle East and it shall happen in Malaysia too.

Rolling Thunder: We are moved to tears by Malaysiakini's gestures. Also many thanks go to Steven Gan and the whole team who have been sacrificing so much to keep Malaysiakini a truly independent online news portal, free from government censorship but always under covert attack to bring it down.

Rakyat1234: Thank for the kind gesture Premesh and Gan. We paying subscribers are okay with this arrangement. We shall remained loyal and supportive of Malaysiakini. We have been with both of you since day one. Long live Malaysiakini team!

Defacto Official News Channel: From Sydney to San Francisco and from Berlin to Tokyo, from Oslo to Cape Town; you are the source for Malaysian news.

Once Pakatan takes over, obtain a (newspaper) publishing licence so that the MSM's (mainstream media) gravy train of advertising gets diluted or broken.

Anticonmen: When Pakatan forms a new government, hopefully it will open up more democratic space where every political party will have a licence to operate their own daily newspaper and have their own TV network just like other democratic countries who truly operate based on the principle 'of the people, by the people and for the people'.

Jason Teeth: Well done, Malaysiakini . For me, it doesn't matter whether my subscription is given an extension to compensate for the free period.

The most important thing is let more Malaysians to access to this neutral news website and get a fair and truth coverage of the coming GE13. I will help to spread this good news.

Better My: Damn, if only I had waited a moment longer to pay up, I could have twice the length of my Malaysiakini subscription. But there is no regrets as Malaysiakini has exceeded expectations by seemingly posting all or most of reasonable readers comments on the state of politics today.

Malaysiakini is undeniably the best website for us to discuss the past, present and future of Malaysia and to give insights to our political leaders what we are thinking.

Oteh Maskon: Bravo, I congratulate Malaysiakini for this noble gift to the people, just at the most precious time of election.

This, considering many parties are making an abundance of profits during this golden period, while you, nice people of Malaysiakini, are doing a most generous act for the Malaysian people by giving them free unbiased news.

Bystander: Good on you, Malaysiakini . I am one of your many loyal paying subscribers and am very proud indeed of your offer to the rest of the Malaysians a chance to access Malaysiakini during this GE13.

LKT: Although I have only recently subscribed to Malaysiakini, I am truly touched and appreciative of your move to go free.

Anonymous #76965586: We don't need refund from the subscription. In fact, if you need help financially, we will support you even though the amount may not be huge.

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