Party deregistration threat - DAP needs Plan B

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YOURSAY 'DAP reps should be ready with their PKR or PAS membership forms in the event BN plays dirty by forfeiting them from being nominated.'

ROS holds DAP inquiry two days before nomination

your say Speechless: Whatever its reasons are for the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to conducting an inquiry into DAP two days before nomination day over complaints pertaining to a technical glitch during its party's elections, it has nevertheless created the perception that they have been instructed to do so.

Do not underestimate the fury of the people - we don't like bullies and DAP will be seen as another victim of power abuse.

De-registering DAP at this point will only act as the unifying factor for countless voters who will unleash their disgust and anger at what they will see as yet another desperate attempt by BN to win at all cost.

Those not so inclined to vote will turn up with great determination - remember Bersih 3.0?

Platform_sinking: The evil game plan this is: DAP would be de-registered after nomination day and all DAP nominees would be disqualified.

There would be no time for DAP to contest under PAS nor stand as independents. BN wins with a walkover in all DAP constituencies.

Anticonmen: DAP representatives should be ready with their PKR or PAS membership forms in the event BN plays dirty by forfeiting them from being nominated on DAP ticket.

Platform_sinking: Should DAP use the ‘rocket' on nomination day? What happens if the biased ROS says DAP is to be de-registered after nomination day but before election day?

Now, DAP's fate is in the hands of ROS if nothing is done. This is an unacceptable and major distraction to DAP. In order to circumvent this, a major arrangement has to be made on nomination day.

Clever Voter: Whatever the outcome of the inquiry, DAP would be there on nomination day. It would be sheer stupidity if there is a conspiracy at this late hour. Surely the leadership would have Plan B and Plan C, and BN has other worries to be concerned with.

Bender: DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh, you may call this blatantly weird all you want, but you must remember that the enemy is known for being blatant about so many things.

Their "blatantly slanderous" behaviour lately is an indication of how they don't give a damn about public opinion.

But with this blatantly weird move by the ROS, the threat to DAP and the Pakatan Rakyat's agenda is real. Please consider devising back-up plans, just in case they want to play dirty.

Quigonbond: If the ROS holds its inquiry two days before nomination, and think that it can throw Pakatan into topsy turvy, they will only be confirming once and for all that BN has no qualms committing gross abuse of power.

Natural justice would require that reasonable time be given to DAP to answer or show cause. PKR and PAS should also come out and say that it will support DAP in any manner possible, including making arrangements for DAP to contest under their banner.

It may augur rather well for Pakatan to show that they are truly multi-racial and multi-religious, and this will put BN's machinations to shame.

Ipohcrite: I hope good sense, governance and political neutrality prevails with ROS, otherwise they might be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back and unwittingly unleash a much-dreaded Malaysian spring.

Anticonmen: Now ROS talked about notices sent out to delegates. Earlier they could not find anything wrong on the correction to the technical glitch in DAP's elections. Where will this nitpicking witch-hunt go next?

Bemused Malaysian: DAP would probably be de-registered after nominations and by fiat, all nominations under DAP banner declared illegal.

By the time you take it to court, BN would have gotten its two-thirds majority and probably laughing all the way to the bank. Think about it, BN is capable of anything.

Jamil Suhaimi: If ROS wants to really play dirty, then get ready for Malay votes from Umno to swing to PAS and PKR. Umno-BN will be buried to rot forever for all the nasty things they have done to the people in this country.

When Pakatan is in Putrajaya, the ROS team will be properly dealt with and no plea bargain will be accepted from anyone of them.

This is a serious matter and we urge DAP candidates, both for parliament and state assembly seats, to take preventive measures. We will continue to support you in whichever party (PKR or PAS) you contest under.

LittleGiant: Umno-BN will be very happy to see DAP de-registered by ROS and probably wants ROS to do it before nomination day on April 20.

To a large extent, the rakyat have seen and regarded DAP as a credible opposition party. Even those who support BN would want DAP to continue as a strong opposition to checkmate BN, if Pakatan fails to win the elections.

Should ROS cause undue harassment to DAP or if ROS takes the extreme measure to de-register the party, all DAP candidates should contest as PKR and/or PAS candidates.

It will be a foregone conclusion that these ‘ex-DAP' candidates will easily trounce the BN candidates. Even BN supporters would be annoyed and could offer their support to Pakatan.

BN leaders can forget about dreaming that they can use ROS to destroy DAP. Their evil plans would only backfire on them.

Onyourtoes: Those pseudo moralists and half-baked writers should come up to support the move by ROS to hold the enquiry, and if possible, deregister DAP before nomination day.

I can give you some pointers if you have run out of ideas to spin - you see, DAP has violated election rules during its party election recently; there were complaints from disgruntled DAP members; and yes, laws and regulations must be applied strictly without fear and favour by the ROS.

So why are you fellows waiting for, go for it, spin further.

Harapanbaru: By now it's obvious that the top management of ROS will be out of a job when Pakatan takes over. They will be in good company, of course.

Safety First: They failed their dirty mission against Suaram, now they target DAP. But the spirit of rakyat to change government will increase tremendously if ROS dare to deregister DAP.

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