PKFZ trial: I scratch your back, you scratch mine

10 Oct 2012, 2:26 am

Updated 8 years ago


YOURSAY ‘If there is one federal minister capable of cheating the cabinet, who is that person most likely to be? No prizes for getting it right.'

Ling incapable of cheating cabinet, says Dr M

your say Swipenter: All the Umnoputras and BNputras are incapable of cheating one another but not the country. Why? Because all of them have their dirty grubby fingers in the national cookie jar together.

It is a matter who can grab more. If one is caught cheating, all others would rally behind him and that is their sacred code of honour amongst these thieves.

Ben Hor: After so much flip-flopping and selective memory, why is former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad still relevant? Why are people still listening to him?

How is he even a credible witness? Sorry Dr M, you lost my respect a long, long time ago.

JimmyKL: A case of ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine'.

Bystander: Now I am beginning to understand as to why former transport minister Dr Ling Liong Sik said, "If Mahathir says I am guilty, then I am guilty", instead of the judge who presides over this case.

What a big laugh at what we are seeing in this ongoing court case. If corruption is not rampant in Malaysia, then why is our debt more than RM500 billion?

Zar: Only this old man knows everything in Malaysia and the whole world. Of course, they will defend each other.

It's like the Perwaja steel scandal - the country lost billions but no one went to prison and no one was held accountable for it.

Is this the type of government we want? Please Malaysians, change the government in the next election.

Lim Chong Leong: He did not cheat the cabinet of course. They were colluding to cheat the r akyat . They still are cheating the rakyat with this kangaroo sandiwara (drama) they call a court.

San Miguel brewery company and Esso cost millions. Where did the money come from if it is not from your corruption? You are not only evil but you are the most corrupt PM we ever had.

Jesmine: The statement by Dr M is such a joke. First he can't remember almost everything, but now he is sure Ling is not capable of cheating.

You are as guilty as Ling is since as the manager of the country then, you were not able to manage the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) well enough that thieves were able to steal billions.

You may have brought a lot of development to the country but at the grave expense of the rakyat .

Rick Teo: Mahathir, who was our PM for 22 years, seems to have selective memory. In the Lingam case , he keeps on repeating "I can't remember" because it could incriminate him.

Here his memory is perfect as he wants to protect a fellow robber who could point a finger at his cabinet members who were also corrupt.

Of course, Mahathir is incapable of cheating too. But then how do you explain the wealth he and his children have accumulated.

Ma Lay Sian: By right, it should be Mahathir being charged and Ling, the witness. I think majority of the rakyat will agree to this.

Queenie: The whole blinking lot conspired to con the country and now are exonerating each other. How neat and pat.

Why continue with the case if the entire cabinet is not capable of cheating? It makes a mockery of the court and the people of this country.

HYL: I don't know if it's a good thing or an insult to Ling. Incapable of cheating! Meaning Ling is too stupid or Mahathir too clever? I now also learn from Mahathir, when interrogated, either be a broken record or have a loss of memory.

He's famous quote is "I don't remember". Now it's "No one complained." I think his epithet will be "I have lived a life remembering nothing and have no complaints from anyone - a very peaceful and ignorant life I have indeed enjoyed."

Clearwater: If there is one federal minister capable of cheating the cabinet, who is that person most likely to be? No prizes for getting it right.

Wira: Ling has fantastic apple polishing skills. I remember attending one of those TAR College fund-raising dinners where both Mahathir and his deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, attended.

For his 30-minute speech, he dedicated 15 minutes to praise Mahathir, 10 minutes to extol the virtues of Anwar and was left with just five minutes to talk about TAR College and MCA. No wonder Mahathir cannot remember if Ling ever lied to or cheated him.

Truly Malaysian: The gang of thieves each praising and defending one another. Mahathir, the defender of Malay race, and Ling the defender of the Chinese. Now we know this is all a facade to confuse and divide the Malaysian people.

Tan Kim Keong: The 'response' of the cabinet members then tells a lot about their lack of principles, ethics and morals. They were not fit to do their job. Most of the current cabinet members are no different.

Quigonbond: Well, we knew right from the start how this is going to end - in Ling Liong Sik's acquittal.

Yet, whether there is right valuation or wrong valuation, or whether there is misrepresentation in the cabinet, the real issue remains unasked - monies were lost - and someone obviously overspent.

Broken Foot: Since Mahathir has acknowledged that he is senile , why should the court accept his testimony. Only people who are in control of their faculties should be witness.

Otherwise it makes a mockery of the court proceeding where any insane person can be called to be witness.

Eddie 50: Willing buyers, willing seller ... smiling cheaters.

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