LETTER | Blame the MPs

TK Chua

23 2月 2021, 3:33 凌晨

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LETTER | Yesterday I read two pieces of news in Malaysiakini; the first one was “Legislature emasculated, three cheers for Azalina” and the second one was, “Democracy in the country is dead, Zahid Hamidi”.

I find news like this odd but at the same time not unexpected.

In Malaysia and perhaps elsewhere too, only politicians in opposition or who have lost power would know how to say the right things. 

It is as if intelligence and power are inversely correlated. The moment one is out of power, intelligence and common sense would return to him/her.

When politicians are out of power, they would suddenly be able to see the frustration of the people. 

They would suddenly talk about fair play, the need for democracy, separation of power, checks and balance, independent judiciary and Attorney-General's Chamber, and the need to take care of the interests and welfare of the people.

However, all these concerns would suddenly vanish into thin air the moment they attain power.

I remember those in power today were once fighting tenaciously against kleptocracy, abuse of power and lack of democracy. Some lost their positions and some have gone to prison in the course of doing that.

Unfortunately, once assumed power, they have suddenly become “dumb”. Now they hardly talk about fair play, democracy and good governance anymore. 

Instead, it is all about consolidating one’s power, reinforcing one’s position and keeping the opposition at bay. The interests and welfare of the people are probably the least of their concern now.

It is blatantly clear most politicians do not fight for the country and its people anymore. They are essentially jockeying for power and after attaining it, will enjoy it to the fullest in total oblivion of the plight of the people.

I think we people must ask hard questions among ourselves.

We elect MPs to form a government but why is it that they were not able to come up with a consensus for someone who is “right and proper” to lead the country? 

Are we saying out of 222 MPs, none is right and proper for MPs to consider?

Why is it that there must always be quid pro quo and horse-trading among MPs? 

Maybe not every MP is sleazy, but can we conclude that the majority is probably like this?

When unsavoury politicians attain power, why do we keep blaming them? Why are we not blaming those who make this happen, the MPs?  

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