LETTER | MCO: Unnecessary outlets shouldn't be allowed to open


13 Jan 2021, 7:36 am

Updated 8 d ago


LETTER | I would like to thank the government for its commitment to making sure the economy continues to grow despite the implementation of the second movement control order (MCO).

As for the operations of the retail sector, I believe more thought should be given as some retail outlets promote "gatherings".

I am talking about departmental stores, furniture stores, stores selling electrical appliances, bookstores, etc. Some stores are even having sales at some of their outlets!

These outlets are not necessary to be opened as they do not sell necessary items. These sectors shouldn't be approved to continue their businesses. Shirts, pants, shoes, televisions, sofas, and dining tables are not necessary items to continue living, especially during two weeks of lockdown.

These outlets, I believe, can bear the temporary closure for the sake of the nation.

Opening up these outlets will only encourage people to go and shop more. After buying the necessary groceries and getting some takeaway food, they can start doing their shopping for these non-essential items.

Isn't it the government's priority to reduce the exposure of infections? Allowing people to shop for unnecessary things now is not wise!

Please, please, please relook into your policy and take this lockdown and Covid-19 issue more seriously! Thank you.

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