LETTER | Competent Noor Hisham should remain Health DG

Abdul Aziz Abdullah

20 Apr 2020, 4:34 pagi

Updated a year ago


LETTER | I refer to the news article headlined "Kit Siang believes Noor Hisham would make a better health minister" published on April 19.

I wish to impress that it is much more appropriate that the very professional and competent Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah (above) be retained as the Health director-general rather than anyone ascribing to a vision that he be anointed as the health minister.

In my mind, the moment a person is elevated to being a politician, such person need to filter his professional stance to accommodate the wishes of his party (if he is a member of one such) or follow the dictats of the ruling party (if he is not). 

In short, he loses the independence to make decisions based on medical evidence and science due to having to pander to the political aspirations of the ruling party, which, in some instances, may not be to the benefit of the general public.

As many Malaysians (and some in the global community) are in consonance, the Health DG is performing a sterling job in providing firm leadership and offering much-needed reassurance in combating the critical threat of Covid-19. 

The way he deals with issues clearly indicate that political considerations were never his priorities, but, the general well being of the health of Malaysians remain paramount - as it should rightly be.

Thus, this misconceived notion that he can perform better by being elevated as a minister is, in my opinion, inappropriate.

Let him be where he is, for the time being - Malaysia severely needs such a competent and towering figure under these trying circumstances.

Perhaps, if any acknowledgement is due to him in future, let the powers-that-be consider plans to nominate the man to be the future secretary-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO) - truly global and more professional recognition of his abilities than merely being a minister in Malaysia. 

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