Kimanis: Another defeat that signals demand for leadership change

Amerul Azry Abdul Aziz

19 Jan 2020, 12:42 tengahari

Updated 6 months ago


LETTER | Some may disagree, but it could be true that our political landscape has to be changed regardless of silent disagreements whispered by the enemies in the blanket within the ruling coalition.

Another bitter defeat in the recent Kimanis by-election was what the majority calls “time for a leadership change.”

In a democracy, when a political party or coalition badly loses in a series of elections they contest, it means that it needs nothing but a change in leadership.

When a change in leadership is done, then the governance can only be restructured and improved.

After improving stuff that needs to get improved, the people’s wellbeing can be refocused by the new-faced leaders with many planned agendas or politicians call “manifesto” could be driven into a reality.

Politicians keep giving promises, but making them happen is a no guarantee. 

After the Kimanis by-election defeat, a minister said the government has to work extra harder to win the people’s hearts.

How “extra” they need to work to win the hearts of ours?

Pakatan Harapan is in its second year of governing this nation, but the people are still waiting for what the ruling government is trying to do.

They said they wanted to “rebuild” this nation, but when many failures appear in the economy, especially the drop in the ASB dividend, they refused to admit their weaknesses, and yet, they pointed their fingers to old hands who were in the clout before.

Since the Harapan coalition has named or “pledged” Anwar Ibrahim to be the successor to the present prime minister, why don’t they now clarify when will be the best date for the transition.

What are they waiting for? Change the leaders now!

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