Najib is right, this time

J D Lovrenciear

15 Nov 2019, 4:47 pagi

Updated a year ago


LETTER | At BN’s mega-ceramah in Kg Lubok Sawah, Pekan Nenas, in the run-up to the Tanjung Piai by-election, Najib Abdul Razak turned out to be the star.

While we keep pondering why Malaysians can so nonchalantly cast aside the criminal proceedings in session over the world's unprecedented kleptocracy debacle, and rev up to the cries of 'Malu apa Boss Ku', one thing that bites the dust is the fact that Najib turned out a star that night.

The other point that we must accept is the fact that the former prime minister nailed the current government for its questionable foreign policy.

Referring to the oil palm trade slips, Najib thundered: "This government’s foreign policy is not right."

How can we not agree?

We slammed India over the Kashmir situation. We slam Singapore over several matters that we all know too well, including the water and the causeway standstills.

Israel? We have come to a point that even to mention this country is taboo, if not 'biadap'.

China, despite all the noise we made in the GE14 run-up, their presence is still being counted while we attack China over their domestic problems of the Uyghurs and Hongkies.

Really, how big is our ego, so much so that we forget how tiny a nation we are.

Yes, our foreign policy need not be a lapdog but it certainly cannot be arrogantly misplaced, especially when we have yet to announce to the world our appropriate justice over the world's biggest kleptocracy that is ripping through the nets of several institutions in so many destinations around the globe.

So, Najib is right this time, even though everyone is waiting for the ultimate verdict from the Palace of Justice and the final closure of the case.

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