The government must show care for low-cost housing

JD Lovrenciear

6 Sep 2019, 4:02 am

Updated a year ago


LETTER | If you travelled around the country, the state of low-cost housing is largely an eyesore.

Whether it is landed properties or low and high rise flats, many of these dwellings have a dilapidated facade.

Faded and weather-stained paintwork, rusting balcony grilles, and damaged emergency exit doors are common features of such dwellings.

The least the respective federal or state government can do is to give these properties a proper paint job and sprucing up.

The same goes for the playgrounds near these dwellings.

Those who can afford to stay in gated and guarded dwellings have no problems in giving their homes the feel-good factor or pay the high building maintenance fees to enjoy a pleasing surrounding.

But why must the poor citizens be abandoned with housing that suffers from neglect from the authorities?

It is time that we had a national standard to ensure the poor and marginalised community are given at least some feel-good factors to be proud of.

It is useless and degrading for politicians to launch new housing for the poor and B40 categories and never visit these dwellings at least once every five years to ensure the relevant authorities are maintaining such premises.

Let us share the goodness of the nation with the poor. The feel-good factor must not be just the right of the rich.

The poor citizens too deserve such support, especially when it comes to low-cost housing provided by the government.

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