A potent concoction to lead the nation to ruin

J D Lovrenciear

5 Sep 2019, 12:20 pm

Updated a year ago


LETTER | When any nation gets caught in a web of corruption, sex scandals and outcries to protect racial and religious rights, then the concoction is just perfect to drown the nation in chaos and eventual ruin.

What cannot be dismissed is that such concoctions are indications of a deep-seated and intense power struggle at play.

But as seen in certain countries elsewhere, the political masters will thrive in such eventualities, leaving the brunt of the burden on the common people.

In Malaysia, there has not been a day without some alleged or true accounts of sex scandals, corruption cases and of course, issues related to race and religion.

Despite numerous calls by various parties to take the middle path, the potent concoction keeps getting stronger with each passing month.

Many right-minded Malaysians celebrated with unprecedented hope after the victory over a race and religion-centric government during the 14th General Election last year.

But going by the recent daily news breaks, things are still looking gloomy for millions of citizens who believed they can recalibrate the nation to be a truly “Malaysia for all Malaysians”.

It is worrying to think about what will be the future socio-political temperature in Malaysia when the effects of the global recession really kick in.

Can the new government which promised the march to a new Malaysia pull the brakes on the potential and the certainly explosive concoction of sex scandals, corruption, and religious extremism?

Only time will tell.

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