Looking to China for anti-corruption reforms

Moses Lim

22 Ogs 2019, 4:21 pagi

Updated a year ago


LETTER | Itʼs sad to note the report from the head of the MACC that the civil service has the largest number of culprits. To assist the body in educating the people to eradicate this cancer may I humbly suggest that we look at what China has done in this area to make it today a modern, prosperous world power that all emerging and developed nations admire.

About four decades ago, the late premier Teng SP laid the foundational reforms. Succeeding premiers built on those reforms and today we see and praise the unbelievable transformation taking place in China. Two of these reforms are worthy of note in tackling corruption and moving the country to wealth and prosperity where the citizens truly enjoy quality of life.

The first pragmatic reform is famously quoted by Teng, "Any cat that catches mice is a good cat, whether black or white". 

So adopt this pragmatic approach in recruiting civil servants; anyone who hates bribery is a good candidate, whether black or white.

Teng's other pragmatic approach is quoted thus, "It doesn't matter whether itʼs a democratic or socialist doctrine; if it works, use it and adopt it". So it does not matter what the person believes; if he is clean, he will make the civil service clean.

The second reform that Teng saw was to eradicate corruption in China beginning with those in power ( the fish always rots from the head down). The present premier Xi brought this reform to its height with the requirement that the convicted corrupt person must buy the bullet for his execution. 

Our prime minister and the cabinet must walk this talk to bring about a bright future for our children and their children.

China boasts that it is a socialist country with a difference. Itʼs the courage nd zeal to adopt and use democratic practices that work into their socialist doctrine. Party members rise in the party not because of quanzi but because of their performance report card. 

They have managed to enshrine meritocracy into their bureaucratic machinery. "Malaysia Boleh" can also do this. 

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