Why should Kit Siang leave the country?

P Ramasamy

1 Ogs 2019, 10:41 malam

Updated a year ago


LETTER | I refer to the Malaysiakini report PAS MP: It is Kit Siang, not Zakir Naik, who should leave.

Does it behove that whoever questions Zakir Naik’s method of Islamic proselytisation must leave the country?

I don’t know which country DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang is supposed to leave.

Lim did not question Zakir Naik's preaching but merely asked him to refrain from indulging in comparative religion the discussions for which end up as a punching bag for non-Islamic religions.

It was Anas Zubedy who first said that Zakir Naik preaching is non-suitable for a multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia.

It is strange that Fadhli never asked Anas to leave the country. Is it because Lim is a non-Muslim whereas Anas is a Muslim?

So if a non-Muslim questions Zakir Naik then - according to the PAS - it tantamounts to being unconstitutional.

Where on earth is it stated that questioning Zakir Naik's manner of preaching constitutes a violation of the highest law of the land?

Anas pursued a logical and decent argument as to why Zakir Naik should leave the country. PAS might not agree but who is this party or its members to question those who think that Zakir Naik should leave the country?

If at all if anybody has to leave the country then it must be Zakir Naik.

Why should Lim leave the country? He has an inalienable right to stay in this country because he is a citizen.

The writer is Penang deputy chief minister II.

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