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I am not going to #UndiRosak this GE14

LETTER | Since January, I have been supporting the #UndiRosak campaign in relation to the coming 14th Malaysian General Election (GE14).

Today, I'm abandoning my support for #UndiRosak (during GE14).

Truth be told, I don't really want to vote for Pakatan Harapan for GE14 — but I simply cannot not vote for them.

Let me be absolutely clear: I don't like Harapan. I don't like what they've done. I don't like what they've become.

And as much as I know I would hate to vote for Harapan this coming election, recent events have left me with no choice but to abandon my desire to #UndiRosak — and trust me, that desire is very real indeed.

Why am I changing my mind now?

Because there's just so much that one can swallow before one gets nauseous — and I'm retching already.

This reaction occurs when a good hand is overplayed. And BN has done that. Whoever is advising BN on its election campaign really doesn't know how to stop at "good enough" and leave things be.

Well, BN has gone too far and my vote goes back to Harapan. No more #UndiRosak for me.

Dear Pakatan Harapan,
I don't like you at all, but you're going to get my vote this time — one more time. Don't for one moment think you deserve it.

Dear Dr Mahathir Mohamad,
Do take care of your health during the election campaign. It's only an election, really. You have nothing more to prove. Take it easy. Your well-being is more important. I wish you the best of health, always.


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