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I am a British national and have been based in Malaysia for the last two years with an internationally acclaimed biotechnology company.

Over the past 20 years of my life, I have been travelling across the globe as per my job requirement. I am boldly saying that throughout all the countries I have visited so far, Malaysia is the worst because it is inhabited by bad politicians and even worse people.

Being in the know about the latest political situation in the country I am in is important as political stability affects the function of the company I work for. The situation in Malaysia today is the worst I have ever experienced so far.

Malaysia has two major political coalitions, the government and the opposition. Both coalitions are like headless chickens having no clue with the happenings internally and externally. Ironically, they rather point fingers at one another instead of solving internal conflicts. The situation is made worse by Malaysians who have no clue what they want.

The vision from my lens makes me understand that the majority of Malaysians want the current prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak, to resign which is not surprising with all the alleged scandals surfacing almost on a daily basis. On numerous occasions I have been with different groups of people and without fail politics is often discussed. Most say that Najib has to go.

I have asked everyone if he goes, who do they think should replace him? There has not been a single group of people who can collectively agree on one name to replace Najib. The number two man, Muhyiddin Yassin, is not favourable either. Anwar Ibrahim is in jail. Face it, his wife is no leader. She is the only female politician in the world that repetitively campaigns by crying and holding grandchildren.

Lim Guan Eng is a Chinese so he cannot be a prime minister. Azmin Ali may have been a choice but how he is handling the opposition coalition in Selangor rules him out either. These are not my words but merely by people who want Najib out. Everyone wants Najib out but there is no Plan B. Whoever succeeds him will still not satisfy Malaysians and in no time you people will want that person out, too.

Political instability stirs economic imbalance that keeps foreign investors away. The value of the ringgit plunges and the government gets the blame. In truth, the instability is brought by knee-jerk reactions from fellow Malaysians.

Generally, most Malaysians have already deemed Najib guilty because of reports from The Wall Street Journal . Wall Street Journal , an American paper is trusted by Malaysians more than the Americans themselves. Wall Street Journal and NY Times are not even the preferred medium in its country of origin.

If eventual investigations reveal Najib is not guilty of the accusations, and even if Wall Street Journal ultimately apologises, Malaysians will still play judge and accuse Wall Street of being bought over. That is so typical of Malaysians.

World champion keyboard warriors

When the unfortunate Malaysia Airlines faced disaster, most Malaysians became aviation experts and knew better than the authorities.

When deaths occurred in a music festival, Malaysians became pathologists and forensic scientists. Now, Malaysians are bankers and economists. In truth, Malaysians are world champion keyboard warriors. I read that the opposition intends to call for a street rally to shoo Najib away and many people on social media are game for it.

During the flood crisis in Kelantan, why didn’t the opposition and fellow Malaysians gather people to be present and physically help? Would that not have been better? Malaysians would rather romp on the street, scream, make noise, vandalise things not belonging to them and cry foul on the government. Typical Malaysians.

I hear a hue and cry by Malaysians that emergency services and police are late to arrive on the scene during an emergency. How are they to be blamed when you Malaysians do not follow road rules at all? Emergency lanes are packed with vehicles because somebody is getting late for a dinner date or rushing for a movie.

Malaysians have been awarded as the worst drivers in the world. You people cannot follow basic road rules and you blame everyone else. When the police have road blocks and frequent checks, you say they are a nuisance and are corrupted. When they do not do so and crime occurs, you say they are not doing their job. What do you Malaysians actually want?

Today, the Malaysian hero is former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. You defend him by saying he brought development to the country and it is because of him Malaysia has huge enterprising buildings. More than half of Kuala Lumpur city central is allegedly owned by Arabs. Most sky rise buildings are owned by foreigners who are allegedly majority Singaporeans.

Concrete jungles have led to a rise in environmental issues. You speak of modernisation and call Mahathir your Father of Modernisation but Mahathir’s brainchild is Perkasa which continues to stir racial sentiments. Is that modernisation for you, Malaysia? Malaysians do not own half of your own country and the guy who caused this is your hero?

My contract in this country is at its tail-end. I had the option of extending my stay that I have gladly declined. Malaysians are too shallow-minded to fix anything. Instead of speaking on ways to solve the current crisis, Malaysians are only interested in clicking the delete button and hope a reboot will bring improvement. Keep on hoping, Malaysia.

At this current rate, Malaysia is doomed for failure and politicians alone are not the cause. Malaysians have a fair share in dragging down your own country, too.

A reply to ‘British Expat’

Destined for doom? So is everyone else

Perhaps the glass is half-full, too, ‘British Expat’

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