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'Ketuanan Rakyat' over 'Ketuanan Umno'

Just too much has been happening in favor of Ketuanan Umno either on the political, economical or social front while the rakyat suffers unjustly and unfairly due to the abuse of the law and its processes.

We suffer as the BN government uses money, greed, power and its media spin-masters as their tools to maintain the status quo.

Yes, we missed it on March 8, 2008 as the fence sitters gave the benefit of doubt to BN to continue to rule and if possible, change for the better. But it is obvious they don’t give a damn as they continue in their wayward ways of misleading and abusing the authority that we have given them.

We can only have the Ketuanan Rakyat if we are subjective for a collective purpose in our own conscience and view our surroundings irrespective of our race, religion, colour or creed.

Read your mainstream media and you will see that the government does not report it or it is played down, but when the false propaganda supports the government’s lies, it is all over the news.

Why Ketuanan Raykat is important is because, you and me are not suckers and we are subjective personalities. We can read between the lines and know through own exposure and experience the real state of the nation.

However, we continue to allow the Ketuanan Umno and the little nincompoops to influence, brainwash and divert us to the detriment of the country.

Many instances have occurred in Malaysia which threatened our way of life whereby selected parties pilfered our systems, destroyed the very foundation of our institutions all through our own inaction and our inability to act together irrespective of race, religion and colour.

We today should not have a basic irrational and amoral system that serves the selected few. As for the rakyat , the morality and humanity that we have in each other is our Ketuanan Rakyat .

We just need to stand united and challenge in our own ways these money-minded, greedy and power-crazy barons for the betterment of our society which, I believe, truly cherished humanity in one another because we are always a well-balanced Malaysians.

Your way of life today may not be threatened, but it will be eventually if we don’t assert our Ketuanan Rakyat over the Ketuanan Umno and their cronies.

The truth is a powerful weapon and it can only hold true if Ketuanan Rakyat can emerge. This can only happen if we recognise the truth for the humanity and conscience in each another and act accordingly in our own subjective ways to pursue a Ketuanan Rakyat agenda collectively.

Lastly, I would like to state that Ketuanan Umno can only exist if we, the Ketuanan Rakyat keep quiet and accept everything that is thrown our way.

Accept because it does not affect our bread and butter and we just sing the song of ‘what can I do?’ How am I effective? How am I affected? What can I alone do? How does it effect my surroundings?

Trust yourself for there are many ways and methods to realise the truth but only if you are able to go that extra distance and spend some time with your conscience to create Ketuanan Rakyat.

That is your game where you are the master and the epitome of Ketuanan Rakyat for us.