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COMMENT | Celebrating CNY should be shared M'sian culture

COMMENT | It is Chinese New Year once again and tis the season to be jolly. Well, for me anyway.

From this year onwards, I am making it a point to write something positive when it comes to racial and religious relations in Malaysia whenever it is the seasons of the two main festivals that I celebrate - Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Those who read my column regularly would know that I celebrate both because I am part Malay, part Chinese and full Muslim.

When it comes to Chinese New Year, my family and I go full on with our celebrations. We wrap and distribute red packets, get together on the eve for reunion dinner, eat yee sang, play with firecrackers and play blackjack (okay, I’m just kidding about the last one… or am I?).

It’s the same for Hari Raya when we...

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