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COMMENT | Former health minister Khairy Jamaluddin should stop pretending he is the nation’s guardian angel by criticising the Madani administration and telling the rakyat what most of us already know.

If he wants to make a difference, is he prepared to rise to the challenge to spearhead a new direction that Malaysia should chart?

Is he courageous enough to start a new narrative to debunk the myth about the two Rs of race and religion? It’s time someone did. He may create a new following.

No one, especially Malay politicians and certainly not Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, would want to commit political suicide by dismantling the ‘2R’ chokehold on the Malay psyche.

Today, Malaysia is in this deep mess because career politicians like KJ did nothing to reverse the tide, though they were aware of what was happening when they were in power and bulldozed their policies through.

They had little desire to consider...

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