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COMMENT | Mollycoddling extremists

COMMENT | In early 2019, I directed a theatre production called ‘Sex in Georgetown City’. Set in Penang, the theatre piece consisted of ten short skits about sex which I had written, compiled into a hilarious two-hour offering. 

With Pakatan Harapan coming to power in 2018 and ending 62 years of BN rule, I had big hopes that the public were ready to be nudged with a tongue-in-cheek title, something that would intrigue their curiosity. Unfortunately, I was wrong. 

A few weeks before the opening night, several Islamist NGO began questioning the title and poster of the play via social media posts, calling it obscene, disrespectful, and un-Islamic.

As the accusations, criticisms, and comment threads grew bigger and louder each day...

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