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MP SPEAKS | Teacher vs Ain and father is because of MOE’s failure

MP SPEAKS | Yesterday we heard from Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam and her family that they were served with a defamation suit.

According to the statement of claim, the teacher, Khairul Nizam is suing Ain (above) and her father over three TikTok videos, three Twitter postings, and several other alleged defamatory actions.

This is clearly a manifestation of a failure on the part of the Education Ministry (MOE) to handle a situation of conflict between a teacher and a student with maturity and wisdom.

Had the MOE created a proper window for a frank discussion and mediation, for all parties to express themselves, hear each other out, the situation whereby we have the teacher and student suing each other could have been avoided.

But this was not done. From the beginning, MOE did not take ownership of the problem, leaving it to the police while taking a lackadaisical attitude.

The minister and his team failed to resolve this before it...

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