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COMMENT | Why are we killing our rivers?

COMMENT | So, why are we killing our rivers, despite being more aware, despite the great advances in modern technology and the presence of the green generation?

The answer is simple. We do not care.

If we are serious about doing something, the following should happen: Politicians must stop interfering, enforcement officers must enforce strictly, the local councils must stop making excuses about their failure to act and the judiciary has to come down hard on the polluters, not just give them a rap on the knuckles.

This also means that the rakyat must change their mindset and not treat the river as a huge rubbish tip. Most of us only show concern when there is no water to wash, clean or cook.

Mohamad Zin Masoad, the corporate director of the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), said a factory that repairs heavy machinery is alleged to be the source of the pollution in Sungei Gong. The factory is one of 308 operating illegally in areas under the jurisdiction of the MPS...

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