Dark web - a web of crimes

Akhbar Satar

25 8月 2020, 9:07 上午

Updated a month ago


No country or organisation is immune to cyber-attacks. Recent threats were levelled at the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM), the US Air Force as well the as the Nigerian navy regarding highly classified documents that were leaked and ended up on the dark web. This has raised a heightened awareness of the need to be more secure, vigilant and resilient. TLDM is aware of the stolen military-related information and is believed to have taken action to determine what data has been exposed on the dark web.

The dark web is used for nefarious purposes aiming to disrupt critical infrastructure or sensitive or classified information. It also serves as “criminal underground” to facilitate money laundering and criminal activities.

Political activists take advantage of the dark web to hide their activities as they can become virtually untraceable and can operate beyond the supervision of law enforcement agencies.

A group of cyber-extortionists on the dark web claims to have dirt on the current ...  

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