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COMMENT | A prime minister for six months?

COMMENT | Anwar Ibrahim is no longer in prison. There is no longer a need to create an unusual arrangement like Pakatan Harapan did before the 14th general election - Dr Mahathir Mohamad to be the seventh prime minister for two years and hand over the baton to Anwar as the eighth prime minister. 

The logic at that time was that a loose two-year timeline would ensure that Anwar is out of Sungai Buloh as a prisoner of conscience.

In the stalemate on a prime minister candidate for Pakatan Harapan Plus now, it appears that there are a few options forward:

(a) Mahathir as prime minister and Anwar as deputy prime minister

(b) Mahathir as PM for “several months” and Anwar as DPM

(c) Anwar as PM and Mukhriz Mahathir as DPM

(d) Shafie Apdal or a Sarawak-based party leader as PM

Out of these options ... 

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