2020 is a good year for a handover, the sooner the better

P Gunasegaram

3 Jan 2020, 12:42 pagi

Updated a year ago


QUESTION TIME | As 2020 rolls into view and we step on for the ride, we can say without any doubt whatsoever that one of the cherished aims of a bygone era, that of becoming a developed nation this year, has been dashed to pieces.

Yes, we have known that Vision 2020 would not be achieved for some time now as the previous Barisan Nasional governed, dithered and slithered down a slippery slope, with the only hope that we would stop slipping and sliding away lying in the most major upset at the polls that we would ever see.

And by God, that happened. History was made when Umno/BN was finally overthrown in May 2018 by an unlikely coalition which included Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s fledgeling Bersatu, which did abysmally poorly, winning just 13 seats out of 52 contested for a 25 percent win rate. Bersatu fared the worst among the Pakatan Harapan coalition partners and in the entire election by any party which contested so many seats.

Still, the Harapan coalition kept to its promise to make Mahathir interim prime minister until Anwar Ibrahim was able and willing to take over and become the prime minister. Mahathir was sworn in as the prime minister in May 2018 and broke his promise to make way for Anwar when he became both willing and able in October 2018 by winning the Port Dickson parliamentary constituency with the highest ever majority...

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