Perak MB starts a battle he cannot win

Mariam Mokhtar

14 Nov 2019, 11:45 malam

Updated a year ago


COMMENT | One of Sun Tzu's golden rules of warfare was, "Do not start a battle in which there is no chance of winning."

Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu should take heed of this rule because he may live to regret the comments about his "lone battle". which he made in a video. He told a small gathering that he was fighting "a desperate battle alone, against DAP".

In his lone battle, Ahmad Faizal probably imagines that his enemy is the DAP. He is wrong because his enemy is the people of Perak, whom he betrayed with his incompetence and arrogance.

In the video which went viral, Ahmad Faizal said, "In Perak, I am fighting a desperate battle alone against 'puak-puak' (factions) DAP.

"I want to defend the land of the Malays, I want to champion our religion."

He needs to tell us from whom or what he has to defend the Malays and Islam. For the past 62 years, Umno touted the same line, but what have they done to improve the lives of the Malays?...

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