Dear Dr M: We need reform to limit the powers of the PM

P Gunasegaram

7 11月 2019, 11:57 晚上

Updated a year ago


COMMENT | Dear Dr M,

In this, my third letter to you, let me say all your recent actions, especially your turnaround and support for dreaded security laws, show that you are not on the promised broad reform agenda which enabled you to become prime minister under an arrangement within Pakatan Harapan. Surely you must realise the aims of the reform - one of the key ones was to reduce the powers of the prime minister.

Let me give you one example of you reneging on a promise that you made publicly, instead of recently supporting the police when they used the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) 2012, a particularly despicable law introduced by your predecessor Najib Abdul Razak to consolidate his iron grip on the country.

It was widely reported on July 23 last year, barely two months after your return to power, that you will repeal the hated Sosma. Here’s a partial quote to jog your memory, if you have forgotten. You said: “The government will repeal laws that are oppressive, especially the Sosma... which was introduced during the former prime minister Najib’s administration and allowed the government to arrest anyone without having to go to court...

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