Jawi good for nostalgia, not a cyber world

Azly Rahman

13 Ogs 2019, 10:44 malam

Updated a year ago


COMMENT | I use Jawi only for nostalgia and for reasons of reverence. A special script that connects me to my loved ones, no longer in this physical world.

But don't force it on non-Malays, non-Muslims, though. It is not meaningful to most of them. Let it be. They will reject. That is fine. I would be in anguish if those who do not like or love Malay writing start cursing it, out of being forced to learn against their will.

I hate reading such angry words. Because Jawi is a memory of my mother and grandmother.

My advice, as a 30-year global educationist: educating is not about forcing. It's about "buying in" what is meaningful to the child. Not about advancing Islam and imposing related scripts or way of writing on children of different faiths...

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