Re-imagining Malaysia after Mahathir

Azly Rahman

10 Jul 2019, 5:26 am

Updated a year ago


COMMENT | Jailing of a preacher under the promised-to-be-abolished Sedition Act. An education system still without a clear direction on a transcultural-relations policy and the construction of bastions against authoritarianism and technopoly.

The almost-daily nagging on the discourse of who the next-Prime Minister shall be. Implosions in all the component parties. The continuing criminalization of the powerful over the powerless, especially in regard to the plight and rights of the indigenous people.

The wish to bring home IS fighters who will be a clear and present danger to national security. The love affair between the government and a manipulative radical Islamic preacher.

The refusal to fulfil election promises, relegating voters to mere fools to be used by the cunning to be in power. The intimidation of schoolchildren who are learning how to speak up against the destruction of the environment. The chickening out of schools that are supposed to be examples of what kind of thinkers ought to be created in a nation sorely in need of critical thinkers, doers, pragmatists, rationalists, and futurists.

The failure to locate missing pastors and religious preachers whose fate no one except, perhaps, the government knows.

You add to the list of what is ailing this country when promises were made, but shattered a year after. By design. By decree, By the act of political deception...

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