Platonic politics, not porno-politics please

Azly Rahman

20 Jun 2019, 5:19 am

Updated a year ago


COMMENT | Our leaders are wasting precious time they have in helping those who need help, those who are alienated, marginalized, oppressed by the system created by politicians who care about wealth and power and how to keep these forever.

Come back to your senses. We have had enough of your lewd democracy, lies and deceit, and pornographic politics you practice behind a mask of religiosity, reformasi, and Islam hadari and madani and whatever shadows in the Platonic allegorical cave you are using.

Platonic politics of our times is to bring back ethics and insist on making politicians and traditional rulers subservient to the reasonable demands of the people, to educate the masses on what politics should be.

Today we have Mahathirist authoritarianism ruling, in all its absurdity, with the younger generation worshiping the principles, and the old wondering why the style of politics has not changed and how this has made the smooth transition of power both difficult and anti-democratic.

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