The Education Ministry's addiction to apartheid

Azly Rahman

26 May 2019, 4:02 am

Updated a year ago


COMMENT | There has been an avalanche of criticisms against the Education Ministry of late. Many are not satisfied with what has been going on in terms of the perceived continuation of racial preferential treatment and access to resources, and its continuing addiction to apartheid.

Not good. I suggest we look into our practice of educating, making our thinking global rather than kampung-ish. Education is a 'gentle' profession and not to be used as a tool of oppression, in the case of Malaysia today, against the non-Malays who are rightful citizens, and deserve all the opportunities available, especially through education.

I was recently asked by a Facebook commentator of my latest piece on soulless education: how do we get non-Malays and Malays to respect one another in the process of learning. This is in relation to how a teacher can forge an environment of respect.

Respect is earned – through appreciating what each other has to offer, what each one believes, and how dialogue on understanding each other can continually be forged.

It also involves understanding each other’s history, culture, needs, and most importantly, to know that we are all living in a limited physical time on this earth, so that not only look to avoid conflict, but to see people's anguish and suffering as an opportunity to help...

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