No soul in the heart of the Education Ministry

Azly Rahman

23 Mei 2019, 10:31 malam

Updated a year ago


COMMENT | Again, and again. Never-ending, useless race-religious debates and unsolved simple issues in Malaysian education. As if there is no political will in the heart and soul of the Ministry of Education. The vengeful approach by the Ministry shows that we still have unresolved matters, post-May 13.

We need to do the right thing now. Education need not be used by anyone in power to stage a soap opera. It is about the lives and potential of young minds, regardless of race, religion, colour, creed.

What we are hearing about education today is simply troubling. Education is being used as a weapon in a race and religious war. What kind of logic is that? Don’t we have Malay and Indian children learning Mandarin these days? Why doesn't the Ministry of Education think of strategies to help all Malaysian children succeed? To dismantle all forms and stylisation of educational apartheid?

Regarding matriculation and knowledge of Mandarin as a job requirement, the Ministry of Education seems to be taking an illogical stand...

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