Indecent haste over RM230 billion mega projects

P Gunasegaram

7 Mei 2019, 1:40 pagi

Updated a year ago


QUESTION TIME | The indecent haste with which projects worth RM230 billion are being pushed through without proper consideration and without enough information raises serious questions over the re-emergence of patronage.

Once these contracts, the sizes of which have not been seen before, are awarded, it would be very difficult to reverse them, whether by another government or by a new leader.

In the haste to push these contracts through, there is much that has not been answered, reflecting non-adherence to the competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) tests announced by the DAP way back in 2008. To that, add one more - good governance.

Let’s start with the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL), then over to Bandar Malaysia, and finally move on to the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP), all of which show a lack of procedures, inadequate justification and enormous costs, which will cost the country dearly. They are all about how the new government should NOT execute mega projects...

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