Hereditary reflex reigns in DAP?

Terence Netto

4 4月 2018, 2:08 凌晨

Updated 2 years ago


COMMENT | The Malaysian opposition seems to draw from a tiny gene puddle.

If lawyer Sangeet Kaur Deo, daughter of DAP stalwart the late Karpal Singh, is fielded in the parliamentary seat of Puchong, she would be the fourth member of the Deo family to enter the electoral fray.

And if, as almost certainly, Sangeet wins Puchong, which her brother Gobind has held for two terms, it would mean that together with another brother Ramkarpal Singh, certain to be a shoo-in at Bukit Gelugor, two parliamentary seats, one in Penang and the other in Selangor, would have dynastic representation...