Kit Siang out of Harapan's line-up to 'make way for youths'

UPDATED 10.30PM | We want to see more youths in leadership positions, the DAP parliamentary leader said.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

FGV denies Jasa's claim of conspiracy against CEO

The accusation made by Jasa director-general Mohd Puad Zarkashi is 'unwarranted', the company says.

Union: How much has Malaysia Airlines paid to sponsor Liverpool FC?

Meanwhile, employees have not received a pay rise in three years, says the national flight attendants union.

Opposition should do their work not just talk, says Azalina

The Umno Supreme Council member says she knows of the opposition's game is just politics instead of focusing on local issues.

Dr M: DAP can't contest under Bersatu ticket as it must remain a Malay party

He says this in response to the possibility of DAP being de-registered.   

Mahathir flirts with contesting in Pekan against Najib

I will step in if there are no other suitable candidates, says the former premier.

Shoot drug traffickers, Joko Widodo tells law officers

We are facing a narcotics emergency, says Indonesian president. 

Riot gets honorary doctorate from Limkokwing Uni

He gets a doctorate in 'transformational leadership' for endeavours to uplift the nation's workforce.


Ku Nan: Zaid is just another 'disappointed' person, like Dr M

The Federal Territories Minister responds to Zaid Ibrahim's criticism that he is the PM's 'choir boy'. 
  Shakira Buang

DPM tells Sabahans not to be influenced by outsiders' 'Brexit' attempt

If people from outside or who used to be in BN, are trying to get Sabahans out of Umno and BN, they are wrong, says Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. 

MP: Gov't's silence on UK's 1MDB motion puts M'sia in bad light

Nurul Izzah urges the Najib gov't to give a prompt response to the UK House of Commons motion.

Extensions for Raus, Zulkefli smack of favouritism, claims Dr M

The move will further undermine public confidence in the judiciary, says the former premier.  

Two senior management staff remanded six days over FIC case

Both men were arrested yesterday after they gave statements on the purchase of the property. 

CJ Raus gets datuk seri from Penang governor

Others bestowed titles are A Samad Said and Customs DG Indera Subromaniam.

DAP confirms it will hold re-election, will also sue ROS

Lim Guan Eng says despite BN's taunts, DAP is unafraid of holding the re-election.
  Lu Wei Hoong

The bumiputera conundrum - an elaborate deception

COMMENT | The Indian Muslims asking for bumi status has thrown the gov't into a dilemma.

  Kua Kia Soong

With the old and young pitting their strength, Harapan means business

COMMENT | This is why every eligible voter - young and old - must vote.
  Rais Hussin

EC may have shot its own foot in admitting to destroying electoral rolls

MP SPEAKS | EC's admission to destroying 1994, 2003 electoral rolls used in delimitation exercise may return to haunt it.    
  Ong Kian Ming

The Sean Spicer Show: White House spokesperson's brief season

Spicer is leaving the building with a final burst of drama.
  Steve Holland, Reuters

Investigator asks White House to save Russian meeting documents

Robert Mueller sends a document preservation request to the White House.
  Susan Heavey and Karen Freifeld, Reuters

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