Remand on 7 youths in Keramat tahfiz fire extended

They are being probed under the Penal Code for murder and causing mischief by fire.

Harapan promises East M'sian DPM, more revenue and autonomy

Harapan promises a deputy PM from either Sabah or Sarawak should it come to power.
  Annabelle Lee

Vida wants to adopt tahfiz school victims, take them to umrah

The millionaire, who lost her own children to a fire years ago, also wants to take the 18 survivors for a holiday.

Puteri MIC launches Dr S Subra Club

The club, named after the party president, aims to empower, uplift the Indian community. 

Najib: Fire dept to inspect safety standard at all tahfiz schools

The PM says the incident at the religious school was most saddening and continued to haunt him.

Look in the mirror before accusing Selangor gov't, Noh told

Azmin's political sec says Noh should explain the various issues which cropped up during his time as minister.

MCA should aim its venom at DBKL, not DAP - S'gor rep

Bukit Gasing's Rajiv Rishyakaran says MCA is covering up its 'impotence' by shifting blame to DAP.

No coup attempt in 2008, says Tian Chua

The Sept 16 anticipated defections were in fact of BN lawmakers unhappy with Pak Lah, says PKR veep. 

Felda folk told not to fall for 'dedak' now, only to suffer later

UPDATED 2.10PM | Anak urges settlers to use GE14 to right the wrongs done to Felda, such as the listing of FGV.

My staff are innocent, says Sivarasa as MACC granted 4-day remand

UPDATED 12.55PM | The Subang MP also points out that he is not the object of the investigations.
  Geraldine Tong

N Korean leader vows to make 'deranged' Trump pay for UN speech

The North's foreign minister says it might consider a hydrogen bomb test on the Pacific Ocean. 
  Christine Kim & Steve Holland, Reuters

Dr M to make maiden voyage to Sarawak as Harapan chair

The former PM will speak on the coalition's manifesto for the state, in Kuching, this Sunday. 
  Norman Goh

Fewer good men left after Nor Mohamed resigns

COMMENT | The former Bank Negara advisor has bravely accepted responsibility for the 1990s forex losses.
  Rais Hussin

UN wants world benchmarks in M’sia’s human rights plan clarified

Karima Bennoune in her report lauds Malaysia's bid to draft a human rights plan.

Would Malays contribute to building non-Muslim houses of worship?

COMMENT | It is known that different ethnic communities contributed towards building the National Mosque.
  Zan Azlee

Put in place UN recommendations on Orang Asli now, gov't told

UN rep Karima Bennoune also raises concerns about the pressure on Orang Asli to 'become Malays'.

Liberian death row inmate bites off warden's earlobe

The 46-year-old suspect pinned down the victim and pulled a 'Mike Tyson' when he was being transferred to another cell. 

Harmony doesn't mean silence on 'sensitive' issues, says UN rep

Karima Bennoune in her UN report says efforts to build unity on a foundation of diversity is vital.

Consumer group lauds cheaper Hep C meds

CAP applauds the Health Ministry for affordable versions of Hepatitis C drugs.

Dr M claims 'unaware' of Bush meet costs; Militant threat named as beer fest buster

KINI ROUNDUP | Key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief.
  Kini Roundup

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