Bersih urges EC to let East M'sians vote in Peninsular M'sia

Many Sabahans and Sarawakians find it too costly to fly back home to vote, says Bersih.

MMEA detains five fishermen in Malaysian waters

Five Vietnamese fishermen are picked up from their boat 20 nautical miles off Sungai Miri.

Tahfiz school fire intentional, confirms Fire and Rescue Dept

Investigators classify tahfiz school tragedy as a case of 'incendiary fire'.

Dr M clueless if 'millions' paid to meet US president

'I don't know if this is true or not. Maybe the Wisma (Putra) officer who arranged my meeting knows'.

Police investigation into 1MDB should be independent

COMMENT | Why are different parties still playing musical chairs on this issue?
  Stephen Ng

Cops nab seven Abu Sayyaf men who worked as security guards

One of the suspects was previously involved in skirmishes with Filipino authorities and kidnappings, says IGP.

North Korea calls Trump's UN address 'sound of dog barking'

‘Even when dogs bark, the parade goes on,’ N Korea's foreign minister says.

‘Security threats’ MCA's poor excuse to justify beer festival cancellation

ADUN SPEAKS | There is a real possibility future events could also be using such an excuse.
  P Ramasamy

Irwan Serigar, Nancy Shukri urged to respond to Uber report

On a report that Uber’s lawyers are inquiring into financial deals purportedly tied to the Malaysian gov’t.

Umno grassroots group slams critics of EPF US foray

Gaum chair Zulkarnain Mahdar calls opposition attacks on Najib's announcement 'low mentality'.

Hepatitis C treatment to cost RM500 by year end

Currently, the cost of treatment for Hepatitis C is about RM50,000.

Trump urges 'strong and swift' UN action to end Rohingya crisis

It was the strongest US gov’t response yet to the violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state.
  David Brunnstrom and Tommy Wilkes, Reuters

Kit Siang: Beer fest stance reduced MCA to a party without principles

Party chief Liow Tiong Lai taking his dual role in 'Citizens' video seriously - first opposing, then agreeing to the ban, he says.

The difference between alcohol use and alcohol abuse

YOURSAY | ‘You talked about responsible polygamy. There is also responsible beer drinking.’

For non-Muslims, better beer than bigotry

COMMENT | How can a beer festival cause such tremendous carnage to moral fabric of the nation?
  Dennis Ignatius

Bank Negara raids firm for illegal deposit taking

Three directors of MGSB Bhd have been detained following a coordinated raid.

KR1M temporary closure part of upgrading, says minister

Hamzah Zainudin says DPM had announced this in July as part of the gov't's KR1M 2.

Why did MO1 shun US press if he has nothing to hide?

YOURSAY | ‘And why invest in ‘infrastructure redevelopment’ in US when our own is in shambles?’

Ex-judge, Muslim activist debate beer fest merits

Gopal Sri Ram says the ban infringes on personal rights, while Farouk Musa cites health reasons.
  Alyaa Azhar

Probe into M'sia's Uber investment; MAS not paying for new Boeings

KINI ROUNDUP | Key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief.
  Kini Roundup

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