China in propaganda push for Xi after social media flak

Weibo users say move to keep Xi in power indefinitely will turn China into North Korea. 
  Ben Blanchard, Reuters

Azmin returns to work in a neck brace

The Selangor MB chairs a morning meeting with the apparatus, following a spinal injury. 

An independent's hope: To bring 'politics of the people'

INTERVIEW | Despite losing his deposit in GE13, an undeterred Toh Sin Wah will run for office again.
  Annabelle Lee

BN as saviours: A snapshot of Titiwangsa’s urban poor

SPECIAL REPORT | Many view MP Johari Abdul Ghani as a local boy who cares for their wellbeing.

  Kow Gah Chie

Penang video - some truth, more BN propaganda, say critics

It’s slick production and thinly disguised political agenda is obvious, says Anil Netto.
  Susan Loone

'Umno/BN do not want to lose the GE14 cyber war'

BN's IT bureaus set up at 191 parliamentary constituencies will debunk 'lies' spread by the opposition, says the Umno minister. 

Let's go for char koay teow, CM's officer tells woman in video

Zaidi Ahmad brushes off attacks on the state gov't by woman in video posted on Friends of BN Facebook Page.
  Susan Loone

Zam claims Najib fanning Malay sentiments with Kuok comment

Ex-minister says this after the PM reminded that Kuok's success was due to the BN gov't.

Sri Ram: Wrong test applied in Najib vs Tony Pua case

Another ex-judge says courts must take all parties as equal. Was it clear in this case?
  Hafiz Yatim

Najib's son and quinoa; Harapan's blitz in Malacca; army vets, civil servants warned

KINI ROUNDUP | Key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief.
  Kini Roundup

Yoursay: People power in Malaysia is a long way off

YOURSAY | ‘We did mobilise protests. But the EC and BN do not care.’

Yoursay: MCMC, is 1MDB’s ‘stolen’ money fake news too?

YOURSAY | Zaid is right to warn about this mother of draconian laws.

Dr M concedes Harapan parties may contest under own banners

This is due to the ROS' delay in responding to Harapan’s application, he says.
  Geraldine Tong

In Alor Gajah, DAP justifies surrendering seat to Bersatu

Anthony Loke says it was the best shot for Harapan to capture the constituency.
  Geraldine Tong

China sets stage for Xi to stay in office indefinitely

It's a proposal to remove a constitutional clause limiting president's service to just two terms in office.
  Ben Blanchard and Sue-Lin Wong, Reuters

Lembah Pantai BN confident of recapturing seat

Raja Nong Chik says transformation implemented by gov't had given a high level of confidence.

Johor teen allegedly gang-raped by nine army men is pregnant

The suspects have been remanded until March 1.

Mah: Opposition leaders' comments to bury Gerakan unfounded

Party chief says opposition was unable to eliminate the party which is now strong. 

Dr M awarded concessions behind cabinet's back - BN strategist

Eric See-To He rebuts allegations that Najib had done nothing about purportedly lopsided toll concessions.

Brothers leave 72-year-old woman bloodied in snatch theft

A video shows the duo fleeing in a car belonging to one of the brother's father-in-law.

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