Rafizi: Felda set up BVI company the same day of my exposé

However, Razali Ibrahim denies Rafizi's claim, saying no company was registered on that day.

Engineers offer technical assistance to probe landslide

IEM says it will be able to offer expert opinions on the tragic event in Tg Bungah.

Zahid denies M'sia still seeking Interpol's help to find Jho Low

'The media created an issue as though there is a new search for Low. That is not true at all,' DPM's office says.

Why does Mavcom consist of ex-MAS top guns, asks DAP

PARLIAMENT | Stampin MP Julian Tan warns that appointments to commission could be 'politically influenced.'
  Alyaa Azhar

Oct 27 decision on car repossessor over Ambank founder's death

He is charged with murdering Hussain Ahmad Najadi and attempting to murder the banker’s wife.  

RM1 Mavcom Bill 2017 set for second reading

Amendment to Mavcom Bill seeks charge on passengers at airports for regulatory services rendered. 

Jho Low's superyacht docks in Aceh

The Equanimity made port at Pulau Weh, a famous dive spot.

Indonesia wants explanation on military chief being denied US entry

US embassy has already apologised over barring Gatot Nurmantyo from the country.
  Kanupriya Kapoor, Reuters

PKR trio urge MACC to probe if RM9.5m paid to Shafee

Ampang MP will also raise the issue in the ongoing parliament sitting.
  Annabelle Lee

'Not fair to ask Guan Eng to resign over Tg Bungah landslide'

Penang exco Chow Kon Yeow Site claims not all site accidents result in ministers losing their jobs. 
  Susan Loone

Malaysia’s debt risks accelerate before polls

COMMENT | 'Malaysia's relatively high contingent liabilities include those due to public-private partnerships.'
  Jomo KS & Raisa Muhtar

Minister insists Nurul, Jacel meeting tantamount to treason

UPDATED 4.42PM | Ismail Sabri tells court meeting with Sulu princess was treasonous in defamation suit brought by Nurul Izzah.
  Kow Gah Chie

Ex-DAP member: DAP’s special congress violates party constitution

The ex-branch vice-chairman claims party constitution does not allow CEC elections to be held in special congress.

Report: Shafie's remand extended another four days

The Kota Kinabalu High Court also earlier rejected Shafie's application to review his remand. 

Form RCI on Tg Bungah landslide, say Penang groups

All parties involved including state gov't and CM must be held responsible for the tragedy, they say.

Noh dares Kit Siang to tell son to resign over landslide

UPDATED 3.50PM | The opposition should take responsibility, but has been 'politicising tragedies', says the minister.
  Alyaa Azhar

Speaker blocks more 1MDB-related questions

PARLIAMENT | Opposition MPs livid over 'flimsy excuses' used to reject queries.
  Shakira Buang

Hillslope project complied with safety guidelines, says mayor

It was approved after feedback obtained from 20 federal and state agencies, Maimunah Sharif adds.
  Susan Loone

Minister denies PM behind Shafie's arrest

UPDATED 4.12PM | Ismail Sabri also denies MACC's Sabah dragnet is aimed at crippling Warisan before the polls.
  Kow Gah Chie

Fire Dept K9 hounds brought to Tg Bungah landslide scene

The dogs will ensure that no stone is left unturned in the search and rescue for victims, says state secretary.

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