Better proposals needed for better buses

Bus services can only be improved if Spad and local bus operators engaged as stakeholders.
  CY Ming

Hold the Rohingya in your prayers

‘Defend and restore the security of those displaced and ensure their eventual safe return in conditions of dignity and peace.’
  Hermen Shastri

A conservative's response to G25

It is a crude misunderstanding that conservatism has no place in the Rukun Negara or M'sia.
  Matthew Jerome van Huizen

A rebuttal to MCA’s defence of Najib

'DAP has always been at the front and centre of resisting MCA’s collusion with Umno.'
  Howard Lee

Beer today, dogs tomorrow?

Following the 'success' of religionists in banning the Better Beer Festival, what will their next target be?
  Thomas Fann

DBKL is not our moral guardian

State intervention should not leave some communities aggrieved and others triumphant.
  Simon Lim Seng Chai

Revoke the ban on beer festival

'The ban sends a clear sign of creeping Islamisation, at the expense of the rights of the non-Muslims.'
  Charles Santiago

Taxi companies must wake up to the new tech-driven reality

Uber and collaborators now offering Proton cars for lease to drivers.
  CY Ming

Rohingya suicide attempt symptom of the humanitarian crisis

'M'sia should focus on the larger issue of genocide and ethnic cleansing within our own Asean community.'
  Glorene A Das

Provide youth with access to comprehensive sex ed

‘Should we be focusing on preventive mechanisms or remedial efforts in dealing with sex abuse?’
  Dr Kamal Kenny

Why didn’t Najib ask his 'friend' Trump about Muslim ban?

It is surprising that he is so proud of his friendship with the most Islamophobic president in US history?
  Latheefa Koya

Give credit where credit is due

We should not be hasty in pronouncing judgments on the Najib-Trump meeting.
  Dominic Chia

Washington is not rural Malaysia

I think Najib is handling the international audience the same way he handles rural Malaysians. 
  TK Chua

Call to reconsider the north coast paired road in Penang

The present road networks already have the capacity to handle 97% car modal share.
  Penang Forum

Why are flash floods still happening?

It is disheartening that the gov't has not looked into constructing good drainage systems.

My prayer for Malaysia

It has been said that it is always darkest before the dawn.
  Adli Ghazi

Rohingya man who attempted suicide should not be in jail

'Attempting suicide is not a crime, and anyone who tries to do so should never be treated as a criminal.'
  Joseph Paul Maliamauv

Committing EPF money to help the US is unjustified

'Is the superpower in such desperate need of Malaysian workers’ hard-earned retirement savings?'
  J Solomon

‘Third world’ nation enriching a superpower’s begging bowl

Is 'strengthening the economy' more important to Americans than universal humanitarian values?
  JD Lovrenciear

Business as usual tomorrow after tahfiz school fire?

'Does no one have the political or moral courage to resign from office for failing in their duty of care?'
  Jacob George

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