An open letter to my fellow Johorean

I hope that Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman will pledge his allegiance to truth and reform. 
  Abdullah Afiq Che Kamaruzaman

Road tax should be based on vehicle weight

Drivers of bulky SUVs, MPVs, pickups, and vans should pay more than car users.
  YS Chan

More timely RCIs need be instituted on gov’t affairs gone awry

Let a RCI decide on the status of 1MDB.
  Joshua YC Kong

Does it really matter whether one signs the Corruption-Free Pledge?

The pledge will not help fight corruption nor enhance the political capital of opposition states.
  TK Chua

Why make the elderly go all the way to NRD Putrajaya?

Let NRD branches issue acknowledgement letter for the elderly with thumb print problem.
  Ng Shu Tsung

Khairy’s rhetoric on abolishing vernacular schools

I have just watched the movie 'Hidden Figures', and it is an inspiring one.
  Turtle Shell

Not true syariah laws won't be imposed on non-Muslims

Interestingly, even some Muslims don’t believe that it will not apply to non-Muslims.
  Ravinder Singh

A below-the-belt hit on Kulasegaran

'You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.'
  S Thayaparan

Speak the truth and shame the devil

'Over the years I have raised the killings of Sri Lankan Tamils in their civil war'.
  M Kulasegaran

Even if DAP cannot contest, its candidates can

From the ROS actions, it appears there are quarters trying to frighten the DAP from contesting the coming general election. The ROS has threatened to deregister the party if it did not hold fresh polls to its CEC.
  P Ramasamy

The unveiling of Pakatan’s Game of Thrones

The much-awaited TV series exemplifies everything you need to know about politics at its finest hour.
  Karamjit Ghill

World-class service at Desa Pandan post office

Teller named Saiful like a breath of fresh air and it would be wise for Pos Malaysia to make him a role model.
  CY Ming

Najib needs Indians more than they need him

The premier 'desperately' needs the support of Indians and other communities to stay relevant in Umno, says Penang DCM II. 
  P Ramasamy

The tragedy of a late wake-up

Real power in every nation is always in its people rooted.
  Kamaruddin Mohd Jamal

Malaysian Bar troubled over imminent execution of M'sian in Singapore

The right to life is absolute, universal and inalienable regardless of the crime committed.
  George Varughese

DAP not against polls, but needs letter from ROS

'The ROS should have the simple and common courtesy of conveying its decision to the party by way of an official letter.'
  P Ramasamy

Oath-taking by a Federal Court judge before the Chief Justice

The recent extension of service of the current Chief Justice and the President of the Court of Appeal.
  Puthan Perumal

The execution of a M’sian by S’pore must be stopped

There are concerns that S Prabagaran, who will be executed this Friday, was not given a fair trial. 
  Charles Hector

Candidates must be more able and honest and not just likeable to win the GE14

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahir Hamidi is sending an unclear message to BN political leaders about choice of GE14 candidates.
  Ramon Navaratnam

Empowering Bahasa Malaysia

Simply put, it is the language that all Malaysians should be able to use.
  Chandra Muzaffar

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