How can a beer fest be a security threat?

COMMENT | All this appears to be an afterthought and a shameful charade.
  R Nadeswaran

Forex RCI - what it has, and has not, established

QUESTION TIME | Not much, going by the proceedings which have since ended.
  P Gunasegaram

Sex, beer and our social ills

When they’re done with easier targets, they will come after you.
  S Thayaparan

Retire early, live longer?

Life does go on after retirement - even if in different forms.
  Eric Loo

A wash-out in Washington

A case of ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’?
  Dean Johns

Now, we can’t even have our pints in peace

There are pious types who don’t drink beer, but prey on their daughters.
  R Nadeswaran

Is Najib’s RM43bil Boeing buy in line with MAS’ plans?

A QUESTION OF BUSINESS | He should have left the decision entirely to Malaysia Airlines.
  P Gunasegaram

When our children die

Raising a child is by no means an easy feat.
  James Chai

Najib's worldwide contribution to mankind

But, to be 'Najib hand-bagged' is a fate most try to avoid...
  Mariam Mokhtar

Najib’s illogical Chinese bullseye

The Malay community is split not because of the Chinese community…

  S Thayaparan

Seek justice, not martyrdom, for tahfiz fire victims

Why are we calling the victims martyrs, instead of prosecuting the wrongdoers?
  Fa Abdul

M’sians will soon forget the children who died in school fire

I’m almost certain that nobody will be held accountable for these deaths.
  S Thayaparan

I prefer my children to live, not die as martyrs

We cannot let the tahfiz schoolchildren die in vain.
  Zan Azlee

Open letter to the prime minister

Nades exercises the ‘free speech’ Najib said we have.
  R Nadeswaran

Najib’s real message to Trump – bigotry works in M’sia

Najib embodies everything the Potus wishes he could do.
  S Thayaparan

Sitting together - a recipe for racial harmony

Racial boundaries at school are a mark of a deeper issue.
  James Chai

Should Najib fly with the eagle or chase the dragon?

Each has his own way: one a Twitter-maniac, the other says 'No comment'.
  Mariam Mokhtar

Are the Rohingya terrorists?

The ‘terrorist’ label doesn’t quite make sense.
  Fa Abdul

Rohingya row - a rabbit hole we should cease burrowing into

COMMENT | ‘There’ve been numerous ‘oppressed’ peoples who have sought shelter in M’sia.’
  S Thayaparan

The Parliament we once had

The Westminster system we adopted saw a thriving democracy but...

  R Nadeswaran

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