How do you pray when you don’t believe?

Prayers of ordinary Malaysians, unlike those of politicians, have fallen on deaf ears.
  Fa Abdul

The iffy existence of freedom of speech

Obvious satire and even political speeches should be left alone if true freedom of speech exists in Malaysia.
  Zan Azlee

Namewee’s dogs and baying at the moon

The self-appointed moral arbiters lack not just sense, but also a sense of humour.
  James Chai

Umno mentality poses a challenge to opposition-inclined voters

COMMENT | So what happens if Bersatu does not win big in this election?
  S Thayaparan

Pastor Koh: Betrayed and abandoned

Why were the four religious workers abducted and by whom?
  Dennis Ignatius

The times I used to frequent the mosque

Some of my best epiphanies happened when I was in the mosque.
  Maryam Lee

#UndiRosak - do's and don'ts in responding

When engaging with #UndiRosak, perhaps it is not unhealthy to at least acknowledge the truth.
  Nathaniel Tan

The dog gone politics of Namewee

He doesn’t conform to the politically-correct narrative of what it means to be ‘Malaysian’.
  S Thayaparan

Should Indians have ‘nambikai’ in BN?

Indians have been systematically discriminated against and routinely humiliated.
  P Gunasegaram

Why Tenaganita needs your support

NGOs, especially those dealing with marginalised groups, deserve not just our attention, but our funds.
  S Thayaparan

Making a dog's breakfast of the Chinese New Year greeting

Mistakes in the CNY messages boil down to incompetence of our public institutions.
  Mariam Mokhtar

The Israeli visit: Much ado about nothing

The world is changing rapidly and no more so than in the Middle East.
  Dennis Ignatius

Anti-Semitism and mainstream Malay politics

Anything wrong with the Muslim world is blamed on the Jews.
  S Thayaparan

Child's suicide puts the spotlight on teachers

There must be stricter rules in place so that our students are safe.
  Zan Azlee

Recent past, distant memory

Poh's stories must continue to be told and recorded to do justice to our post-colonial discourse.
  Maryam Lee

MCA’s misplaced priority: Praising China, attacking Dr M

The party has emerged as China’s loudest local trumpeters.
  Dennis Ignatius

Stopping free rides for Proton and associates

Imagine the benefits if car taxes were abolished.
  P Gunasegaram

Harapan should stop appealing to emotion

The Umno hegemon does not want to talk about issues because it can’t.
  S Thayaparan

UndiRosak - the limits of a black and white democracy

All you can do is cast a vote, and hope for the best for the next five years or so.
  Nathaniel Tan

Cheating or not, there is always 'Plan B' for BN

I find it impossible to believe Najib when he says BN doesn't cheat in elections.
  Francis Paul Siah

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