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Balancing Health and Happiness through UOW Malaysia Fitspiration Week 2023
Published:  Oct 17, 2023 12:23 PM
Updated: 4:23 AM

As a strong advocate of mental and physical well-being, Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) took a holistic approach to self-development and held its annual UOW Malaysia Fitspiration Week for 2023 from the 10th to 11th October 2023 at UOW Malaysia, Glenmarie Campus.

This event was comprised of fulfilling activities by booth vendors, service providers, associations, clubs and SAC themselves as it aimed to unveil the intricate connection between mental and physical health.

The Atrium, UOW Malaysia, was filled with booth vendors from external parties namely Little Habits, Cendol Lemak, Twovens, Chuan2 Fever, Yogurt Drink, Fat Mom Homemade Soy, Seven Florist, Plawer.rie, Monsoon Books, Kins & Kats and more. Not only visitors were able to enjoy dishes that satisfy their palate, but wellness resources were also made accessible for them.

Furthermore, to enhance the significance of psychological well-being, clinical psychologist trainees from People Psychological Solutions, a mental healthcare provider, offered free psychological assessment for visitors as an encouragement for them to seek help when needed.

Personnel from Diabetes Malaysia also attended the event, offered free blood pressure and blood sugar check-up to help raise awareness about the rising concern of diabetes among Malaysians.

As this event was strategically scheduled to coincide with Malaysia’s National Sport Day, SAC invited instructors to lead the “Yoga with Your Pets” and “High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)” sessions to engage students with physical activities and learn more about self-care techniques that could be adopted as a new routine.

Other than that, SAC counsellors conducted workshops focusing on personal growth such as “Expressing Yourself Through Art” and “Plant Your Flower” where students were able to express their emotions in a healthier way and to be more hopeful of what the future holds.

Realising the importance of relaxation and healthy distraction, UOW Malaysia UniBuddy constructed a “Healing Corner” for students to take a break in the midst of their busy schedule along with a “Karaoke Corner” and carnival-styled games for them to enjoy.

With much positive feedback from the students, “ UOW Malaysia Fitspiration Week 2023: Care is Bussin’ ” encapsulates the university’s commitment to nurture a community who realised the significance of well-being and personal growth.

Mental Health Screening by People Psychological Solutions.
Group photo for “Yoga with Pets”.
Drawing time during “Expressing Yourself through Art” workshop.
One of UniBuddy’s carnival-styled games, Ping Pong Renju.

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