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Games of Pure Creativity
Published:  Sep 27, 2023 12:00 PM
Updated: 4:00 AM

WHEN you don't have limitless funds and an army of technical support experts, whatever you create relies on your innovation, daring use of new concepts and willingness to take a chance.

In the game development industry (projected to be worth USD$260bil by 2025), this results in indie games, "indie" being short for "independent", which are computer games built without the backing of large game publishers.

Industry players pay attention to indie games because, not only can they spot new, budding talents, but these game developers also tend to cook up new, unique and as-yet-untried gameplay concepts.

In the field of indie games, PAX (formerly called Penny Arcade Expo) Australia 2023 takes the cake as an event that showcases the best of indie game, and many UOW Malaysia graduates who earned the Bachelor of Game Development (Honours) will make their presence felt in the three-day event happening from Oct 6 to 8.

The largest Southeast Asian Indie game delegation by Ukiyo Studios, SEA What I Made (SWIM), will showcase a total of 15 indie titles from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with Malaysia representing 10 of those 15 games.

This is an impressive feat by the graduates of Malaysian universities invested into Game Development.

The following UOW Malaysia graduates are represented by:

DevaData by Kindryd Studios (Malaysia) featuring Adam Danial Zalizam, Alvin Ong Yeau Seng, Erick Ritcher Lim, Amirul Zameer bin Zamariffin and Sophie binti Azlan.

Don’t Stop the Party by Avalon Studios (Malaysia) featuring Sophie binti Azlan, Erick Ritcher Lim, Amirul Zameer bin Zamariffin, Nicholas Tung, Adam Danial Zalizam, Felicia Wu and Tai Man Kit.

Exist.EXE by Skyfeather Games Studio (Malaysia) featuring Lim Kwang Meng, Nik Shafeeq Arif and Chai Yung Zheng.

Katana Rama by Ghost Machine (Malaysia) featuring Sophie binti Azlan.

Midwest 90: Rapid City by Hidden Chest Studio (Malaysia) featuring Alexander Tan Zheng Fang, Ivan Ong, Ian Lou, Elaine Chern, Tan Yi Ming, Ashley Yeo, JinZhi Hoi, Leong Ka Hou, Chong Chun Zeng and Lou Yi Xi.

Overhours by CtrlD Studio (Malaysia) featuring Sophie binti Azlan.

Suku Suku Separuh by Kindling Interactive Studio (Malaysia) featuring Aaron Lim Fei Hoong, Jaime Lau Aik Seng and Teoh Chun Wai.

Sunset Satellite by Twilight Foundry Games (Malaysia) featuring William Chong, Lee Choon Meng, Angelene Chiu Pui Woon and Raymund Belavandran.

Their representation at PAX Australia 2023 gives a huge opportunity for Malaysian indie game developers to make their presence felt in the Australian game industries and also to highlight the creative talent that resides at Malaysia, nurtured by UOW Malaysia.

The university wishes all graduates and alumni of the Bachelor of Game Development (Honours) success of the highest order; go forth and make your alma mater proud.

To watch and support the local developers, watch their game trailers by searching for "SEA What I Made" on YouTube, and if you are visiting PAX Australia 2023, the games are available to play at Booth #1050 or at

The Bachelor of Game Development (Honours) is a flagship program of UOW Malaysia KDU University College designed to hone the skills of interested students in the areas of game art, game design and game technology. The program syllabus is a collaboration between the industry and academia to bring out the best in development and the University prides itself in producing well rounded graduates to contribute to the expansive entertainment industry.

To find out more about UOW Malaysia’s Bachelor of Game Development (Honours), log on to

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