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Immersion in the future of design
Published:  Sep 6, 2022 11:20 AM
Updated: 9:09 AM

This year 2022, our final year students can create a theme titled “IMMERSION.” Immersion Final Year Exhibition 2022 is a crucial stage for graduates. The exhibition intends to showcase and emphasise students’ works while creating value for viewers. The values are delivered through the immersion experience of the five senses, which provides viewers with a calming yet delightful experience. “We can enjoy the process of exploring the spaces and the exhibition peacefully while browsing students' work in a calm and serene environment. Throughout the Immersion exhibition, people will enhance their awareness of "Better immersion than to live untouched." Described the curator of IMMERSION. As such, the team believed one would immerse themselves in design while walking through our exhibition and experience elements of smells and taste throughout the exhibition parameters.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the MOU signing took place between GTWHI and UOWMKDU. Through this MOU, GTWHI hopes to develop and promote cultural and creative industry products. Through platforms such as the GTWHI Heritage Excellence Centre and new courses shall encourage joint activities, including professional courses on cultural heritage and other capacity-building programs that will benefit the stakeholders, particularly students and professional adults. Mr. Muhammad Hijas Sahari from GTWHI expressed his sincere gratitude to Ms. Vanessa Serbastian, Head of the Built Environment Department from UOW  and for making this collaboration possible.

As Penang is now gearing up for the state development vision of Penang 2030 to inspire the nation, this will ensure the goal and vision of achieving a “family-focused green and smart state” that will enhance our economic, environmental, and social needs, allowing prosperity for the current and future generations. Through exposure to sustainability in design, this exhibition offered the public a great opportunity to better understand the movement towards achieving the envisioned green and intelligent state. By immersing users' requirements and desires in the design of the spaces, the exhibition will enable the general public to perceive the shift toward creating environments that emphasise users’ sustainability.

The event’s closing brought in more than 500 people from the public; the demographics range from as young as five to 75 years. This was an excellent opportunity for the various generations to experience their culture and immerse themselves in the design. This was strengthened with the multiple workshops to heighten the experience. 

For centuries, university students in many disciplines, the final challenge they must face to be worthy of degrees is often real-life missions. This is especially the culture at UOW Malaysia KDU, but many may not realise how real those missions can get.

“In UOW Malaysia KDU’s Department of Built Environment, we strive to create resilient students driven by the perception and the transformation of reality. These students are challenged by the boundaries between disciplines and create an immersive environment filled with exploration and challenges that make them one of a kind”, says Ms. Vanessa Serbastian, the head of Built Environment. 

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