MIC a part of the wider BN feeding chain

YOURSAY | ‘It’s a coalition that sees no wrong in allegedly using public funds to pursue self-serving interests.’

A dereliction of duty by M’sian investigators

YOURSAY | ‘The 1MDB case involved violation of anti-money laundering laws, not just in US but also in M'sia.’

Zeti's 'BNM no power' excuse on 1MDB lame at best

YOURSAY | 'It's either to ease your conscience or save your tattered reputation. We don't buy it.'

One small step for Malaysia’s long interfaith walk

YOURSAY | 'Penang's 'Journey of Harmony' shows there is still hope for Malaysia.'

Paramount, too, to maintain BNM’s integrity in 1MDB probe

YOURSAY | ‘Surely 1MDB deserves a RCI as much as the forex scandal does.’

US' DOJ doesn't work like our institutions

YOURSAY | ‘But like M’sia, the US takes legal action against anyone who break its laws.’

Are we to wait 30 years for RCI on 1MDB?

YOURSAY | ‘The purpose of Forex RCI? Just to lay blame on a political opponent.’

Rahman Dahlan, you’re focusing on irrelevant matters

YOURSAY | ‘Is this a reflection of declining standard of English or a plain case of distraction?’

DOJ just doing its job, but is AG doing his?

YOURSAY | 'A civilised government would not allow money to be laundered on their soil.'

Azalina, why panic when money is being returned to M'sia?

YOURSAY | ‘Only those whose assets are getting seized should panic.’

Diamonds for some, taxes for hoi polloi

YOURSAY | ‘Is GST meant to force the people to pay for the massive 1MDB losses?’

‘Don’t vote for rubbish if you don’t want to clog the longkang’

YOURSAY | ‘Rosmah, why make so much effort to monitor, and silence, the critics?’

Isa Samad shows damaged goods can be recycled

YOURSAY | ‘The Najib solution: cover up the rot and recycle the cause of rot to another GLC.’

'Don’t expect AG to reopen 1MDB case'

YOURSAY | ‘If we failed to do our work, we should not blame others for doing our work.’

Minister, why should identity of complainants to DOJ even matter?

YOURSAY | 'It could be a 90-year-old pakcik , or 80-year-old ah pek ... but will it change the facts?'

A tale even better than ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

YOURSAY | ‘Someday we hope Hollywood will make a movie out of this saga.’

Hisham is right, DOJ must charge wrongdoers

YOURSAY | ‘Is he playing Brutus? Once the DOJ presses charges, Mr and Mrs MO1 would be kaput.’

IGP shouldn’t be seen consorting with unsavoury characters

YOURSAY | ‘He should have known better than to be associated with people of dubious character.’

Truth crushed to earth shall rise again

YOURSAY | ‘Truth always has a way of surfacing in spite of gargantuan efforts to cover it up.’

Is statement defending PM the best Apandi can do?

YOURSAY | ‘The AG should refute DOJ’s claims by showing data and facts.’

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