Yoursay: Changing colour of shoes won’t save our education system

YOURSAY | A more pressing matter would be making the UEC proposal into black and white.

Yoursay: Investigate ‘treasonous’ letter to CIA

YOURSAY | This is proof that Najib was not averse to foreign governments interfering in Malaysia.

Yoursay: Harapan’s win a 20-year effort, not just due to Dr M

YOURSAY | ‘Based on GE14 statistics, Bersatu is not the main reason people support Harapan.’

Yoursay: The grand audacity of BN’s grand larceny

YOURSAY | Punitive action should be taken against all parties concerned.

Yoursay: Contrarian Khairy’s time to shine

YOURSAY | ‘Recent events are continuing to forge him into a real leader.’

Yoursay: A good start for House speaker Ariff

YOURSAY | ‘His decision to remove Ramkarpal from the House shows firmness and impartiality.’

Yoursay: Cabbies, take a look in the mirror before protesting

YOURSAY | ‘Grab is restoring trust in public transport, which has been damaged by taxi drivers.’

Yoursay: Zakir Naik, a lightning rod of partisan times ahead?

YOURSAY | ‘Those in the pro-Zakir camp are not the sharpest tools in the shed.’

Yoursay: The rakyat should not give Dr M a free hand

YOURSAY | 'Far too many people have become gullible to whatever Mahathir says and does.'

Yoursay: Apandi’s lightning U-turn – the circus continues

YOURSAY | ‘It’s obvious that Apandi is a person of no principles.’

Yoursay: Fears of overcrowding of pared-down LRT3 unfounded

YOURSAY | 'Frequency of trains can be increased during peak hours, and off-peak discounts given .'

Yoursay: UEC a non-issue created by Umno to incite Malays

YOURSAY | 'Prior to the election, both sides made the same commitment to recognise it.'

Yoursay: Death threats against elected reps are beyond the pale

YOURSAY | ‘This extremism must be nipped in the bud, it is getting out of control.’

Yoursay: PAS, judges side with the evidence, not with 'Islam'

YOURSAY | 'So Malunjum would be biased against Muslims just because he is non-Muslim?'

Yoursay: M’sia in ‘race’ to the bottom once more with UEC furore

YOURSAY | ‘Harapan, don’t be BN. If it’s in your manifesto, just get it done.’

Yoursay: Apandi failed to explain why Swiss request was rebuffed

YOURSAY | ‘His decision must be clearly explained, not merely waved away like his refusal to prosecute.’

Yoursay: How can Rosmah afford to buy such high-end jewellery?

YOURSAY | On the salary of Najib, she can't even buy one of the cheapest items on the list.

Yoursay: PAS is squandering chance of being a formidable opposition

YOURSAY | I am disappointed with PAS for taking up the role as Umno defender.

Yoursay: To slash or not to slash Jakim's monster budget?

YOURSAY | If all we needed were new ideas with the same old faces, we might as well have stuck with Umno.

Yoursay: Call it what you like, our debts still need to be paid

YOURSAY | 'Khaled Nordin thinks it’s okay to overburden the people to fund corruption.'

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