Mr IGP, cops need no invitation from public to keep peace

YOURSAY | ‘Isn’t Dr M entitled to his own personal security detail as well?’

Zahid, pensions are paid by taxpayers, not Umno

YOURSAY | ‘Don't belittle the intelligence of pensioners and the past services they have rendered.’

Khir shouldered the blame, but BN was the one responsible

YOURSAY | ‘Who headed the Selangor Umno/BN in GE13? Was it not Najib?’

Who is lying on RM230m – Mahathir or Zahid?

YOURSAY | ‘Zahid wouldn't lie, would he? He built his wealth when he was in corporate sector.’

So Pak Lah knows the truth, but why didn’t he speak out?

YOURSAY | 'By keeping silent, it is like witnessing a crime and not reporting it.'

Najib’s Chinese dilemma in run-up to GE14

YOURSAY | ‘His base doesn't differentiate between Chinese from China and Chinese M’sians.’

MO1 vs PO1 - it's like comparing mosquito with elephant

YOURSAY | 'Had MO1 been Guan Eng, he would now be serving time in Sungai Buloh.'

Love him or hate him, Mahathir does not deserve flying slipper

YOURSAY | ‘It’s not in our culture to show him disrespect or cause him harm.’

When chips are down, BN will resort to fear mongering

YOURSAY | ‘We will expect more of such nonsense in the run-up to GE14.’

PAS, tell us what Arul said at your 1MDB meeting

YOURSAY | ‘Maturity means wisdom, and wisdom means seeking the truth.’

Dr M vs Zahid – it’s just the prelude

YOURSAY | ‘Zahid should have known better not to upset the 'old man'.’

Utusan can ask again, ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’

YOURSAY | ‘China funds almost 90% of the East Coast Railway Line.’

Azalina, better to call on all BN lawmakers to ‘man up’

YOURSAY | ‘Instead of banning unilateral conversion, you’re now trying to patronise the victims.’

In attacking Dr M’s lineage, Zahid forgot his own roots

YOURSAY | ‘Zahid's insult has made him the bugbear among ethnic Indians.’

As a matter of integrity, CJ should decline appointment

YOURSAY | ‘Raus let slip that he accepted the extension because 'the government needed him'.’

Who cares if leader's roots can be traced to Timbuktu?

YOURSAY | 'Seriously, if a leader has integrity, I’d have no issue with his ancestry.'

1MDB wasting public funds by accruing interest on late payment

YOURSAY | ‘The constant delays in repaying IPIC reflect badly on 1MDB’s managers.’

What is Zahid belly aching about?

YOURSAY | ‘Why would it be a bad thing if Dr M's father or grandfather was Indian?’

Attack on Dr M’s ancestry belittles Indian M’sians

YOURSAY | ‘Why is it unacceptable to have Indian ancestry while it is all right to have Indonesian ancestry?’

Gov't skips DOJ hearings, but will go for PAS' London suit

YOURSAY | 'Is it Hadi's suit against Sarawak Report, or the Umno government's suit?'

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