Beer festival is about minority rights, not politics

YOURSAY | ‘MCA misses the point by telling the opposition to apologise for doubting the cops.’

MACC chief should blame no one but himself

YOURSAY | ‘Forget about who’s behind this, he should do the right thing and resign.’

PM hard-pressed to meet Nades’ 20 conditions

YOURSAY | ‘For simple voters like us, fulfilling nos 4 and 5 will suffice.’

MACC chief, who watches the watchmen?

YOURSAY | ‘The MACC chief, like Caesar’s wife, must be above suspicion.’

Who wants to be left holding the MAS bag?

YOURSAY | ‘If you stay, you would end up managing debts rather than the airline.’

‘Still a pendatang despite ancestors here 173 years ago’

YOURSAY | ‘As long as we practice race-based politics, the pendatang issue will never go away.’

Royals draw line in the sand on Islam

YOURSAY | ‘Nobody had reckoned that of all persons, a sultan no less, would not follow the script.’

Najib not a ‘public officer’ an oxymoron

YOURSAY | ‘So the prime minister is immune from any civil suit?’

Two swallows do not make a judicial summer

YOURSAY | ‘I, for one, thought the lawsuit would be struck out like many others in the past.’

Laundrette debate - life as we know it has changed forever

YOURSAY | ‘What about swimming pools? And the chairs we sit on and the utensils we eat from?’

A nation of quiet revolutionaries and noisy ultra-conservatives

YOURSAY | ‘To our eternal shame, Kassim Ahmad was hounded by the authorities to his grave.’

Chinese ‘invasion’ lays bare Putrajaya’s racial policies

YOURSAY | ‘For 30 years, Proton did not see fit to hire a Chinese M’sian to helm the company.’

Judicial independence – not up to you to judge, CJ

YOURSAY | ‘Raus’ insistence that the judiciary is free from influence is akin to blowing his own trumpet.’

Much ado about our toilet habits

YOURSAY | ‘Ridhuan is correct to say ‘sensitive’ Muslims should not touch money.’

In Malaysia, even education is fake

YOURSAY | 'Most of the dud education establishments are for the enrichment of cronies.'

Mahdzir should quit over Umno-themed school event

YOURSAY | ‘To defend and justify the mistake will create even more damage to Umno.’

A better welcome for a junta leader than a 'kleptocrat'?

YOURSAY | ‘Prayuth and wife were given a red-carpet welcome by not just Trump but also Melania.’

Redrawing fault lines in multi-religious M’sia

YOURSAY | ‘Every time an extremist screams his head off, are we going to cave in?’

Malaysia could have done a lot better

YOURSAY | ‘There is nothing that prevents us from being better than we are now.’

This is not how we want our children to be taught

YOURSAY | ‘How does a school event end up with students paying homage to Umno?’

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