The fault lines in Zakir Naik controversy

YOURSAY | ‘I still believe Malay M’sians are not that easily fooled by Perkasa or Zakir.’

For Dr M, what is shame compared with sins?

YOURSAY | ‘When one is full of ‘maruah’, there is no space for shame.’

Let Dr M help change the course of history

YOURSAY | ‘It is more important to be in an Islamic state of being, than being an Islamic state.’

Does UUM endorse Kamarul Zaman’s police report?

YOURSAY | 'Are we now to suspect the entire UUM academia as a bunch of extremists?'

Politicians to blame for feeding violent culture

YOURSAY | ‘Sulaiman, have you appointed yourself the custodian of good manners?’

In Kamarul Zaman’s book, non-Muslims can’t write about their faith

YOURSAY | ‘If that can be taken as proselytising, God can never be mentioned in any book in this country.’

Alas Kamarul, your credentials maketh not a wise man

YOURSAY | 'When he starts to flaunt his qualifications, it shows already that he has lost.'

‘Ku Nan, why not castrate all men instead?’

YOURSAY | ‘Then women wouldn’t have to put up with sexual harassment and male stupidity.’

Indeed, ministers should drive their own cars

YOURSAY | ‘No more car parks in buildings? Now everyone can park on the roadside.’

Thumbs up to Johor Baru surau's bilal

YOURSAY | ‘I salute the surau committee to act so quickly. This is what religion should be all about...’

PAS’ words may come back to haunt them in GE14

YOURSAY | PAS had better believe that ‘the truth is out there in GE14’.

Selling the family silver to cover prodigal son's extravagance?

YOURSAY | ‘The government is selling land cheap to get much-needed cash.’

Perhaps it’s time for Azmin to stop PAS ‘mischief’

YOURSAY | ‘It is likely that PAS strategy is to reduce votes for opposition.’

‘Slap and kick show’ a smack on Najib's face

YOURSAY | ' This country has lot of laws, but no order…’

Marcus, it’s wrong to accept allegedly stolen money

YOURSAY | ‘The RM1m received by your party from Najib could be stolen funds…’

Are they doing to Yeoh what they did to Ahok?

YOURSAY | ‘Why is a Muslim telling a non-Muslim what she can believe in, what to read, and what to write?’

Wan Azizah too nice a person to survive hudud politics

YOURSAY | ‘Many forget this is a diverse nation with Sarawak and Sabah playing a significant part.’

Show of force not a reflection of MO1’s popularity

YOURSAY | ‘If you spill sugar, ants will gather, if you throw stale bread, rats will come.’

A case of ‘we’re are in, but out’ or ‘out, but in’

YOURSAY | ‘PAS is one political party that wants to have its cake and eat it too.’

Unlike MO1, Rafizi has nothing to hide

YOURSAY | ‘We need more politicians who are able to reveal their financial transactions instantly.’

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