Pua offers Johari a chance to knock out 1MDB's chief critics

Finance minister II is offered an hour to state his case at a fund-raising dinner for Petaling Jaya Utara voters.

Pua, keep on rattling the cage until we get answers

YOURSAY | ‘It is high time the gov’t extricates its head from the sand and face the real world.’

How can 1MDB settle loans with neither assets nor income?

YOURSAY | ‘And strangely, Jho ‘Eric Tan’ Low, and their principals cannot be found.’

Pua wants auditor-general to probe SRC International

PJ Utara MP says people have a right to know what happened to the money borrowed from KWAP.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Open letter to second finance minister

COMMENT | Do you not think that to 'serve the nation', we must work to revive our heavily-tarnished global reputation?
  Tony Pua

Give it a rest, says Johari in open letter to Tony Pua

COMMENT | 'I am sure that the folks of Petaling Jaya Utara elected you as their MP to do better things than just being obsessed with 1MDB.'
  Johari Abdul Ghani

Johari, declassify audit report if 'nothing wrong' found in 1MDB

MP SPEAKS | Why did the auditor-general hide the report from 'leaks' if he couldn't find anything specifically wrong?
  Tony Pua

'How to press charges over 1MDB when gov't refuses to get full picture?'

Pua says not only the gov’t made no effort to investigate, it had also blocked all attempts to probe the crime.

Pua slams Johari over 1MDB-MOF debts 'explanation'

MP says no finance minister would argue the operating debts of a subsidiary is not in the parent company’s books.

Pua: Nazri must answer where billions in Najib's account came from

He says the minister will be seen as representing the government, so he has to come prepared with facts.

Parliament drops query on whether RM2.6b was 'Arab donation'

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua’s question is rejected on grounds that it is based 'on assumption'.

Gov't applies to strike out Tony Pua's 1MDB-linked suit

UPDATED 2.05PM | This comes after PM Najib filed his strike-out bid on the same suit by Pua for misfeasance in public office.
  Hafiz Yatim

'But Rahman, court says you had no power to do so'

The court found Abdul Rahman not empowered to allow extension on housing construction, says Pua.

Register before March for next polls, DAP urges eligible voters

UPDATED 12.50PM | Publicity secretary Tony Pua wants eligible voters to not give up their right to vote.
  Kow Gah Chie

Najib moves to strike out Pua's 'misfeasance' suit over 1MDB

UPDATED 1.50PM | PM says Pua filed the suit for political purposes and that he is not a public officer nor a gov't servant.
  Hafiz Yatim

Johor and S'gor DAP in the dark over quit claims

Public will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if allegation is true, says Johor DAP chief.

Pua: I hope Salleh is just feigning ignorance on 1MDB

Minister's ignorance of Putrajaya's guarantee on 1MDB loans and dwindling assets shocks Petaling Jaya Utara MP.

Salleh: It is Kit Siang who needs 'tuition' from Tony Pua

The DAP stalwart needs tutoring as 1MDB is a 'going concern', unlike BMF and Bank Negara forex issues, he says.

Explain fuel cost hike despite drop in crude prices, PM told

UPDATED 11AM | Among others, Tony Pua claims the numbers don't add up.

Pua sues PM for 'misfeasance in public office'

PJ Utara MP is also seeking a declaration that Najib 'abused' his office to benefit from 1MDB funds.

Court defers Pua's bid to strike out Najib's defamation suit

This is pending a Federal Court decision in Adnan Yaakob's case on whether a public servant can file a defamation suit.
  Hafiz Yatim

M'sians footing 1MDB's big CSR bill, charges Pua

DAP MP accuses 1MDB of pretending to be a profitable firm, and spending big on CSR with borrowed funds.

1MDB failed to give full picture in announcing new auditor, claims Pua

Pua should check the facts first before making such a misleading statement, Arul Kanda replies.
  Kow Gah Chie

MP: Heads must roll over attempt to ‘cheat’ Pisa scores

Putrajaya must send strong message to officials who emphasise form over substance, says Tony Pua.

Cops continue dragnet over Bersih 5, Free Maria vigils

Tony Pua among the latest called for questioning as post-rally crackdown continues.

Pua: BN the one using 'Nazi strategies' to cover up 1MDB

The DAP MP rebuts Zahid's salvo that opposition is using Nazi lies against BN.

Pua's bid to strike out Najib's suit to fixed for Jan 17

This is PM’s suit on YouTube video posted by MediaRakyat, with Pua accusing Najib of 1MDB funds abuse.
  Hafiz Yatim

Appellate court reinstates Pua's bid, but Najib's lawyer says 'no effect'

Court says there is merit in Pua’s appeal, reverses High Court’s decision to expunge paragraphs and exhibits.
  Koh Jun Lin

Tony Pua recalls KJ saying holding peaceful rally not Sosma offence

In 2012, Khairy, who was not yet a minister, assured Sosma has safeguards against abuse.

Don't let seat talks drag on too long, S'gor DAP tells allies

S'GOR DAP CONFAB | There will not be enough time to prepare if negotiations don't conclude soon, warns Selangor DAP head.
  Koh Jun Lin

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