PAS muktamar resolves to cut ties with PKR

MUKTAMAR | However, the final decision is left to the Syura Council.

‘Turbaned monkey’ found hanging on road leading to PAS muktamar

Kedah PKR chief decries this as 'sabotage' as flags of Amanah and PKR were found with the stuffed toy.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

I did better than PAS reps in GE13, Rafizi reminds challenger

UPDATED 3.13PM | He brushes off a PAS Youth delegate's claim that he is not 'man enough' to contest in GE14.

Saifuddin: Relinquish posts in S'gor if severing ties with PKR

UPDATED 12.45PM | However, Wan Azizah says the party will await the PAS syura council's decision on the matter. 

Delegate: War with DAP nothing do with them being non-Muslims

MUKTAMAR | It is DAP that is waging war against PAS' Islamic struggle, says delegate.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Restaurant operators, hawkers stew Ku Nan over collusion claim

Minister told to get his facts right before claiming there is a political conspiracy over food prices.
  Kow Gah Chie

Resolve GE14 seat negotiations, PKR sec-gen tells Harapan leaders

UPDATED 3.20PM | Old parties don't be stingy, new parties don't be greedy, says Saifuddin Nasution.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Low cost of living? But rakyat continue to suffer, PKR info chief tells PM

Survey Najib cited is meaningless as sharp price increases of goods and services are our burden, says Syed Ibrahim.

Afif refutes PAS' racial take on Ahok's defeat

Penang exco member Afif Bahardin says the Jakarta election was won through people-centric ideas, not religious ones.

  Susan Loone

MP: BN deliberately keeping people poor for votes?

UPDATED 2.25PM | Kuantan MP Fauziah Salleh accuses the ruling party of keeping the poor dependent on BN's 'candy'.

Despite Anwar's stand, Sabah, S'wak PKR reject Hadi's bill outright

They say the bill has nothing to do with empowering the syariah courts, and remain opposed to it.

Ampang PKR: Adam Rosly fulfilled duties with integrity

Division secretary clarifies Adam is Ampang PKR Youth chief but not Azmin or Zuraida's special officer.

Azmin: Don't punish Adam just based on ongoing probe

Leave it to the MACC to carry out their investigations, says the PKR deputy.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Yong: If 'unusual' wealth a crime, many politicians will be in trouble

UPDATED 11.53AM | The Gerakan Youth deputy urges MACC to give the reasons for PKR man Adam Rosly's arrest.

PKR Youth: Pandikar’s actions prove BN wants to drag on Act 355 polemic

UPDATED 12.54PM | Afif Bahardin wants an end to the polemic allegedly played up by Umno.

Johor PAS Youth decides to cut ties with PKR

Delegates allege PKR is an 'enemy within' in their agenda to 'uphold Islam'.

Rakyat made scapegoat with GST, claims PKR

GST has saved the country from mismanagement using the rakyat’s money, says Pahang PKR.

PKR watching closely PAS divisional AGM developments

Its ties with the Islamic party in Penang may be at an end, with 12 out of 13 PAS divisions calling for a cut off.
  Susan Loone

Rafizi raises alarm on 4.5pct inflation, ticks off 'racist essays' distraction

The PKR veep blasts leaders for glossing over the serious problem and focussing on attacking opposition.

Row continues - PAS may take back seats 'lent' to PKR

UPDATED 12.29PM | PAS leader says this may be the case if the muktamar decides to cut ties with PKR.

PKR Youth slams 'provocative' remarks of Nik Abduh

Remark disrespects efforts of other PAS leaders discussing with PKR leaders to battle out GE14 against BN, it says.

'Felda's losses could have built homes for settlers'

PKR rep says this after gov't revealed Felda had RM1.21b unrealised losses over FGV. 

Fate of PAS-PKR ties to be decided at muktamar

PAS veep says if a pact is to continue seat divisions may be renegotiated.

Azmin: PKR holds normal ties with PAS despite Penang break-up

PKR No 2 says his party has never severed any relationship, and will leave the rest to the Islamist party leadership.
  Shakira Buang

Permatang Pauh PAS cuts ties with PKR

It says PKR tried to entice its members to leave PAS.

Wanted: Someone to 'cripple' Najib in Pekan

Rafizi says Ezam must first prove he can politically-cripple Najib.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

We won’t budge from Kelantan parliament seats, says PKR

The party has vowed to contest in the seats it stood for in the last general election.
  Anne Muhamad

Perak PKR wants to take on Nazri in Padang Rengas

State PKR info chief tells the tourism minister to stop seeking popularity and help the rakyat instead. 

PKR man urges full probe, RCI on N Korean spy firm Glocom

UPDATED 11.49AM | Allegations of UN sanctions violations merit a bipartisan inquiry, says Fahmi Fadzil.

Lawyers apply for Anwar's release, urge gov't to heed UN declaration

UPDATED 12.04PM | His lawyers say he has served enough time for what UN calls 'illegal detention'.


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