Kit Siang: Looks like Hadi only wants to save Najib, not M'sia

UPDATED 9.59AM | He notes the PAS chief keeps mum on 1MDB, but the grassroots may differ.

Ex-CJ favours Islamic law over common law, elates PAS

English common law can't resolve crime, so give Islamic law a chance, says PAS No 2.

PAS urges GST cut amid rising inflation

This will help to cushion the rakyat from rising prices, PAS deputy president says.

'Uncharismatic' Hadi making PAS confused, says Dr M

PAS lacks a stand on cooperation with Bersatu because of its leader, he says.

Yes, Nik Abduh, things have changed, PAS no longer humble

YOURSAY | ‘Of course, PAS will take over Selangor - with the help of BN.’

Bersatu blames ‘opposing factions’ in PAS for failed talks

One faction wants peace, while the other wants war, decries a Bersatu leader.

Row continues - PAS may take back seats 'lent' to PKR

UPDATED 12.29PM | PAS leader says this may be the case if the muktamar decides to cut ties with PKR.

We put you in MB's chair, S'gor PAS grassroots warn Azmin

UPDATED 12.04PM | Subang PAS Youth goes on a warpath to 'show Azmin the exit' and grab his Gombak seat.

PKR Youth slams 'provocative' remarks of Nik Abduh

Remark disrespects efforts of other PAS leaders discussing with PKR leaders to battle out GE14 against BN, it says.

PAS slams door on negotiations with Bersatu, says party VP

Those wanting to cooperate with PAS should not have ties with DAP and Amanah.

Zaid: Working with PAS will lead to BN's downfall

Former law minister is confident BN will be defeated in the next GE, due to its 'friendship' with the Islamist party.

Fate of PAS-PKR ties to be decided at muktamar

PAS veep says if a pact is to continue seat divisions may be renegotiated.

‘PAS doing a disservice to Sarawak’

PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad’s statement against my urging to stop the import of West Malaysia Islamic teachers into Sarawak shows PAS’ total lack of understanding and respect for the rights of Sarawak in the Federation of Malaysia.
  Chong Chieng Jen

Azmin: PKR holds normal ties with PAS despite Penang break-up

PKR No 2 says his party has never severed any relationship, and will leave the rest to the Islamist party leadership.
  Shakira Buang

Permatang Pauh PAS cuts ties with PKR

It says PKR tried to entice its members to leave PAS.

Thanks for showing 'true intentions', Saifuddin tells Hadi

UPDATED 7.43PM | This is over video of Hadi saying PAS just wants five states, the rest can be for Umno.
  Alyaa Alhadjri & Alyaa Azhar

Follow Hadi's stand on Bersatu, not Tuan Ibrahim's, says PAS veep

Idris Ahmad says the views of others are overridden, as the party chief is the one who 'carries weight'.

  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Hadi: Joining Harapan is final nail in coffin for Bersatu-PAS relations

'We will officially no longer have any cooperation if Bersatu officially (joins Harapan).'
  Anne Muhammad

Nik Abduh trounced in PAS divisional election

He suffered heavy defeat against sole competitor Dr Izani Husin.
  Anne Muhammad & N Faizal Ghazali

Despite video, Hadi denies willing to give all except five states to Umno

'I had never made such a statement. I don't know the future. It could be 10 states, three states, one state, the general election will decide.'
  Anne Muhammad

Show the draft first, PAS tells gov't over Act 355 takeover

UPDATED 2.54PM | 'This is not final, we want to see their draft first. If it deviates from what we want, that is not right.' 
  Anne Muhammad

PAS no threat to Muhyiddin in Pagoh, says Amanah

Aminolhuda says he knows more about PAS' strength in Johor than Khairuddin, who hails from T'ganu.
  Shakira Buang

PAS' moral policing a failure, says Kelantan MCA

Kelantan MCA flogs PAS’ claims scanty attire, music lead to immoral behaviour, and tells them to look in the mirror.

PAS reminds Muhyiddin he'll need their support in Pagoh

PAS ulama info chief says if Bersatu wants to negotiate with PAS, it must start by agreeing to Act 355.
  Shakira Buang

PAS MP moots caning for out-of-wedlock pregnancies

Pasir Puteh MP suggests adding this while they are amending the syariah limits under Act 355.

Bersatu said tough to work with Harapan, claims PAS sec-gen

Takiyuddin Hassan says it's Bersatu's right to join Harapan, as long as it doesn't attack PAS.
  Anne Muhammad

PAS to collect donations from members for '90m' suits

Party veep says a sum of RM70k has already been given to lawyers to act against Sarawak Report editor.
  Anne Muhammad

PAS insists no political cooperation with Umno

Mohd Amar says this after Najib urged party leaders to put aside ideologies and work together.
  Shakira Buang

Minister: MACC not probing 'PAS got RM90m' claim

PARLIAMENT | Paul Low also says MACC did not question Johor crown prince over Mara issue.

Husam offers himself up as 'test case' for PAS' court action

Let syariah court decide, he tells his former party after a motion to make the divorce oath stick is passed.

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