PAS muktamar resolves to cut ties with PKR

MUKTAMAR | However, the final decision is left to the Syura Council.

Being Malay not licence to attack other races - PAS delegate

MUKTAMAR | Negri delegate Abu Zarim also wants attacks against other political parties to stop.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

PAS meet proceeds despite destructive ‘act of God’

MUKTAMAR | PAS sec-gen Takiyuddin says there is a reason for the storm, but doesn't elaborate.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Storm destroys tent at PAS do, injuries reported

UPDATED 11.50PM | Thirteen rushed to hospital, including one who is unconcious while six treated at the scene.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli & Zikri Kamarulzaman

PAS goes e-voting for party polls

MUKTAMAR | A computerised system is used to eliminate the possibility of spoiled votes.

  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Khalid Ibrahim: Up to PAS to quit S'gor govt

A situation that disrupts the state gov't administration must be avoided, says the former S'gor MB. 
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

No cooperation with Bersatu, Hadi reiterates

UPDATED 12.56PM | MUKTAMAR | This is because Bersatu lacks direction and leadership, says PAS president.
  N Faizal Ghazali

Hadi: PAS deals with corruption, 1MDB in its own way

UPDATED 1.10PM | MUKTAMAR | However, he did not elaborate on the matter in his presidential speech.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Hadi warns delegates to zip lips at muktamar and not hurt PAS

MUKTAMAR | Delegates attending the party's 63rd muktamar warned not to raise matters that could hurt the party ahead of GE14.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Amanah: If PAS has honour, it would quit S’gor gov’t

Don't eye your ex-partner's home after the divorce, says party Youth deputy chief Faiz.

No non-Muslim wants to be PM, Guan Eng tells PAS

Thus, there is no basis in PAS' motion to amend the constitution to allow only a Malay-Muslim to become PM, he says.

I did better than PAS reps in GE13, Rafizi reminds challenger

UPDATED 3.13PM | He brushes off a PAS Youth delegate's claim that he is not 'man enough' to contest in GE14.

PAS Ulama wants liberal Muslims 'wiped out', says report

MUKTAMAR | Ahmad Yaakob blames them for the bill against unilateral conversion and anti-hudud feelings.

Saifuddin: Relinquish posts in S'gor if severing ties with PKR

UPDATED 12.45PM | However, Wan Azizah says the party will await the PAS syura council's decision on the matter. 

Delegate: War with DAP nothing do with them being non-Muslims

MUKTAMAR | It is DAP that is waging war against PAS' Islamic struggle, says delegate.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

PAS aims to amend syariah enactment in more states

UPDATED 1.10PM | MUKTAMAR | PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh says this will happen if the target of taking five states in GE14 is realised.
  N Faizal Ghazali

End 'denial syndrome' over 1MDB, PAS Ulama wing tells gov't

UPDATED 2.24PM | MUKTAMAR | 1MDB has become a danger to Malaysia, says the wing's chief.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

'Orange' working with 'blue' to capture Kelantan from PAS

UPDATED 1.50PM | MUKTAMAR | Tuan Ibrahim implies it's not PAS, but Amanah that is in cahoots with BN.  
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

63rd PAS muktamar to formulate strategy for GE14

Will one of the decsions be to end the Islamic party’s collaboration with the other opposition parties?
  Zabidi Ishar & Harlina Samson, Bernama

Selangor PAS ready to contest 45 state, 15 parliamentary seats

Candidates for over 20 state seats and eight parliamentary seats shortlisted, says S'gor PAS commissioner.
  Shakira Buang

Mahfuz: Telling Harapan to make way for PAS could backfire

'Such statements do not inspire confidence, and instead distances voters who are not PAS members.'

DAP dragged into PAS' beef with minister over Zakir

UPDATED 3.29PM | Don't be like DAP in criticising Islam, a PAS ulama tells a certain member.

Afif refutes PAS' racial take on Ahok's defeat

Penang exco member Afif Bahardin says the Jakarta election was won through people-centric ideas, not religious ones.

  Susan Loone

Tuan Ibrahim: 1MDB-IPIC row may drag on till 2020

UPDATED 2.39PM | The PAS deputy chief says the present settlement is not the end of the story, pointing to the US$3.5b question.

Opponents of Act 355 may suffer Ahok's fate, warns PAS

Ahok's failure to retain his governor post signals the rise of Islam in the republic, says the PAS info chief.

Seven things to watch out for at the upcoming PAS muktamar

PAS' cooperation with Harapan or Umno, Act 355 and the fate of its reps in Selangor are on the plate.
  N Faizal Ghazali

You're the one who split the Malays, PAS veep tells Dr M

Idris Ahmad lists out Mahathir's deeds that he claims divided the community.

Nasrudin may complete ulama hold on PAS leadership

Iskandar Samad's position might be in danger, with the ulama likely to become dominant in the party.
  N Faizal Ghazali

Hadi's son wins PAS Youth chief position, uncontested

Several top posts in PAS Youth, Muslimat and Ulama wings are also won without contest.

Dr M: PAS has split Malays and Muslims

The Islamist party also cannot win votes when it contests alone, says former premier in a blog post. 

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